3rd Jan 2017

Top Ten Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing

Top Ten Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the new ‘coffee shop’ meeting place. People post, like, and comment on Facebook the same way we used to go to a coffee shop with friends and socialize. Because of the increasing popularity of Facebook, one of the best ways to communicate with your target audience, and really reach out to people is through the most popular social media platform. Your business can expand exponentially through Facebook marketing, but do you know how to make your posts more appealing to your audience? Do you use hashtags properly? Here are ten top tips on how to effectively market your business on Facebook.

Top Ten Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing

1. Focus on the agenda of your fans first.

When you focus on what your fans want rather than your own agenda, you’ll grab their attention. Putting them first shows your fans that you care about them, and that it’s not about the amount of likes your post gets.

2. Host timeline contests to boost engagement.

Reward your fans for actions such as liking a page post, posting an image on a post, private messaging your page, or even commenting on your post by giving a prize to those who participate. This will motivate your fans to be more involved on your page.

3. Publish links to increase website traffic.

Links to interesting and useful blogs are the best type of links, but you can also link to promotional videos, how-tos, eBooks, and infographics.

4. Customize your link post CTAs.

Facebook now lets business owners add CTAs (Calls to Action) to link posts using a tool called the Power Editor. Some CTAs you should consider including to increase engagement are “download”, “shop now”, “learn more”, “book now”, and “sign up”.

5. Use photos to increase engagement.

While people enjoy all different styles of content, they really enjoy photos; especially ones that have an emotional and immediate impact. Be careful about the image you select as all images are copyrighted. Make sure the photo you post is relatable, relevant, and copyright free.

6. Post closed-ended questions to increase the number of comments.

Yes! We did not get it the wrong way round! Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that closed-ended questions (yes or no) work much better on Facebook than open-ended ones. That’s because it will take advantage of the built-in ability of the brain to “auto-complete”.

7. Use piggyback methods for trending topics.

Trending topics are listed with the fastest trending one to top. Get additional reach for your page by posting several updates about the latest trending topics. Think about how you can join in a conversation or how your cause is connected to a trending topic.

8. Use hashtags in a smart way.

The possibility of an increase in your reach is worth adding a short and sweet hashtag. Usually, one or two well-placed hashtags is enough. #DONOTOVERHASTAG It’s easy to do! Nothing is more annoying than having more hashtags than there are words in a sentence!

9. Share posts from different pages that your fans like.

This will only work if you share the posts that currently have a pretty high level of engagement. Who to share will become easy to spot as you understand your audience better, but more content should be shared about other companies – than yours. You also need to make sure they are relevant to your fan base.

10. Boost your reach by mentioning pages.

When you mention another Facebook page in your update, it’s likely to be seen by fans on that page too. Only mention a page in an update when it’s highly relevant to what you do to offer and always make sure you tag them. A mention is of little use unless the person being mentioned knows about it! Never underestimate the power of a mention!

With these ten tips, you can take your marketing to the next level. Facebook marketing can be a very useful marketing tool since everyone’s connected either on their tablet, laptop, or cellphone; this is a huge audience that you can reach instantly. Monthly there are 1.79 million people that are active on Facebook, that’s 1.79 million opportunities a month! Because of the accessibility of Facebook marketing, it is one of the top platforms to contact people on, which can take your business to places that ythoughter though it would go, make this year, your year.