15th Nov 2018

The Top Services Offered By Calgary Social Media Management Companies

Have you been wasting time and capital trying to manage your own social media accounts? For business owners, it’s a huge challenge to keep up with running a company and staying on top of multiple social media pages. Most business owners don’t have enough hours in a day to do everything on their own. Thankfully, you don’t have to. You can attain top results for your company by hiring a capable Calgary social media management company to handle the work for you. Outsourcing the legwork will benefit your business.

Remember that social media management takes a substantial amount of time, and if you are a very busy business owner it might be difficult to successfully manage the workload. Working with a social media management company can make your online presence more polished and consistent. It can help you create a presence that builds your business and aids you when it comes to engaging with your clients. Highlighted below are a few benefits offered by Calgary social media management companies. Before touching these benefits, let’s discuss what social media management is:

What is Calgary Social Media Management?

Social media management means engaging with your audience via social media. This can range from creating and posting content to replying to comments. In the digital age, this has become more important than ever. Most customers now interact with brands through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more platforms. They usually expect a fast and professional response. However, having limited resources and know-how, small businesses might not have the knowledge or time to fully take advantage of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is where the services of social media management companies come in.


Content Creation/Curation

A good Calgary social media management company should be able to curate pristine content and know exactly where to find it. They should be able to create good content that will gain the attention of your audience. Content creation and curation can be an extremely time-consuming and expensive task. It is something that most business owners can’t take on without having to sacrifice other areas of their business. A good social media management company will take away the burden of searching for your relevant industry related content to share or use as an inspiration for your unique content.



A Calgary social media management company will take responsibility for scheduling your posts. While social media is always active, you don’t have to be. A social media manager will help plan your schedule ahead of time. Scheduling is a huge advantage of having a social media management company. They have the skill set to schedule your social media activities ahead of time so you can stay on track. Since you’ll have all your posts in an editorial calendar, you will be able to keep an overview of your frequency, posting time, and potential gaps on all social media platforms you are active on. This allows you to plan campaigns and promote sales ahead of time.



The best way to remain relevant on social media platforms is by posting relevant, consistent content. The last thing you will want for your company is reporting old news, or having your customers’ say “I used to buy from their platform all the time, but I wonder what happened to them now.”. One foolproof way to stay relevant is by consistently posting. A Calgary social media management company will help you with this. Positing regularly will keep your customers up to date regarding what sales you have, and what new products you have in stock. A top social media management agency will keep the posts coming so that you can remain relevant. Depending on what platforms you are active on will influence how often and at what times you should post. Your Calgary social media management company will have all the statistics that will influence your frequency.


Interacting with Followers

A Calgary social media management company will have the experience and resources to develop your brand online and maintain it. Such agencies have the skill set to target and engage relevant audiences who are interested in your products or services. This know-how lets them create a positive, active community that will benefit your brand. This also leads to an increase in traffic and business. Building a strong following on social media significantly increases your visibility and reach. It exposes your prospects to content that gives them a reason to learn more.


Advertising Campaigns

When coordination with your marketing team, a social media management company will help you define your promotion campaigns, paid-advertising, competitions, events, and product launches,  to implement on various social platforms that you have decided to use. They should help marry your marketing efforts and your social media marketing efforts. A social media manager will promote your products and services by devising effective strategies. Their main focus will be marketing on social media. A social media management company will manage your brand presence on all relevant social networks.