25th Oct 2018

The Top 5 Benefits of Local, Calgary SEO

Millions of consumers depend on local SEO searches every day to look for the best local businesses within their area. This means that you can significantly boost your chances of getting found by potential customers by prioritizing local, Calgary SEO for your business. Implementing local SEO will offer your business a geographically targeted online marketing approach.

Local SEO isn’t like dropping brochures or flyers on front-porch steps or paying for ads in local newspapers. Implementing local SEO in your marketing strategy allows you to position your enterprise on online search engines as well as other digital marketing platforms. Thus, increasing your chances of being seen by potential customers seeking out products and services. Every business big or small can grow their enterprise and effectively attract more customers by using local SEO strategies as a part of their Calgary SEO strategy.

Before we go deeper into the benefits of Calgary SEO for businesses, we would critically define what local SEO means to help you better understand why local SEO is so important. We will explain what it is before highlighting why using local SEO can help improve the online visibility of your business.

What is Local, Calgary SEO?

Local SEO can be defined as a proven practice of online marketing designed to promote local businesses and services in their local communities. Local SEO simply put, is designed to help your local business appear in the front and center of online search engines when your customers use internet searches like Google and others to find local services in their area.

It is arguably the most effective way of marketing your enterprise online and it helps businesses promote or market their products and services online to their local customers looking for them in real time. Local SEO involves a variety of strategies to get your site ranked higher on search engines including Google and Bing or business directories like Yelp, Yellowbook, etc.

If you are a local enterprise, it is likely that your customers come from the surrounding area. That is why it is essential for your page to rank when people make searches like “restaurant near me” or other similar queries. It is no use to you if your page is ranked highly on searches in a different geographical region if you are primarily a brick and mortar store. Local SEO will help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Reach the Right Customers

While prospects are on the move, they use their mobile devices to try to locate the best local enterprises that would offer them what they want, when they want it. Because implementing local SEO for your business will ensure that Google places it in locations on its listings means the right customers can always find you. The first place local SEO will get you is on organic search results on Google. Google uses a sophisticated algorithm to rank the most relative pages at the top so that searchers can get the results that match their intent.

Make Each Marketing Dollar Count

There are simple, practical methods that can help you to maximize your local, Calgary SEO initiative. Accurate and relevant information about your business across all online platforms as well as using interactive maps are just two ways that would improve your local search results dramatically. Unlike the traditional advertising methods like local newspapers, leaflets, and direct mail, local SEO doesn’t have wasted exposure. You will be able to reach potential clients when they need you. Don’t waste money advertising to everyone, zero in on your local demographic to make the most out of your spend.

Stand Out Amongst Local Businesses

Another great benefit of implementing local SEO in your marketing strategy is that your reputation will improve locally. To achieve this, you’ll need positive reviews for your services on Google and other search engines. According to one study, 91% of the people read reviews before making a purchase online and 84% fully trust online reviews and regard it as a personal recommendation. Hence if you’re high in Google Search and Google Maps and you will have great reviews then people will find and trust your business.

Mobile Results Lead to Real Life Purchases

According to research, 78% of local-mobile online searches lead to offline purchases. The “consumer’s intent” when it comes to getting search engine results for local businesses is what makes local SEO stand out from other forms of SEO. If you are able to show up when prospects are actively searching for businesses that provide the services they require, you will have a higher chance of conversion and actual purchases. You will have more customers locally. The higher your firm ranks on online search and map listings the more your business will be found by potential customers. In turn, this increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

You’ll Gain More Traffic

Adopting local SEO for your business will boost your online traffic and improve your real life visits. Research has shown that many people search for businesses that offer services they require on mobile devices whenever they are ready to patronize. Thus highlighting the importance of setting up your business for success by using local SEO to ensure it ranks high on mobile searches. Targeted pristine website traffic will always work to your advantage. If your business site is optimized for local SEO, potential customers will easily find you on online search engines.

Is your business ranking on local search engines? If the answer is “No.”, we can help.