3rd Jun 2019

5 Tech Companies Whose Branding We Love

What is Branding? It has become one of the hottest topics surrounding marketing and business strategy. Business experts, CEOs and consultants continuously talk about refining your branding, your image and your story. All with various definitions that are littered with business jargon that loses even the best of us. Essentially, Branding is what makes products more than just the product. It is the personality of the company and what they embody. And when it comes to a tech company branding, a rock solid brand can make or break your business.

At the same time, Branding is not what you say about your company is. Branding is what the consumers, say your company is. Branding is values that consumers associate with your business. As such, the quality and execution of tech company branding will often make or break a company. This can be best seen in some of the world’s biggest tech companies. Here’s a list of our favourite tech company branding and how it was crucial in the success or revitalization of their company.

Apple: Customer Centricity and Simplicity

Tech Company Branding: Apple Branding

How can we make a list of tech branding and not mention Apple? Apple was also able to grow and nurture what is widely considered one of the most loyal brand followings that any private company has ever had.

Apple is an extremely valuable and profitable company. They continue to introduce groundbreaking and innovative products year after year. Furthermore, Apple consistently produces memorable, emotional and spectacular marketing campaigns.

Their advertisement, press releases and marketing message all have one thing in common. It’s simplicity. They do not lose their audience with technical jargon rather, they focus on their innovation and customer experience to sell their products. Apple uses words like “thin”, “advanced”, and “different” to describe their products. Their ads focus on how Apple products are creatives and unconventional thinkers. They are not corporate drones, as some of their competitors, but creative influencers.

Google: Consistency

Tech Company Branding: Google branding

When your brand becomes synonymous with the activities related to the company’s product, you have reached the pinnacle of branding. When someone wants to search the internet for something, what are they doing? They are “Googling it”. When someone wants to find out the population of Canada, they Google it.

Google has done this by focusing on consistency. Through the years and many changes to its leadership and tech culture, Google has relied on more or less the same logo and aesthetic since its inception. Even in all the various Google products (Sheets, Drive, Ads, Pixel and etc.), the one aspect that remains consistent is their aesthetic. Simple, elegant and constant.

Uber: Public Relations and Rebranding

Tech Company Branding: Uber branding

Founded in 2009, Uber has already rebranded twice. One in 2016 and then again in 2018. Their most recent rebranding follows amidst the controversy around Uber’s former CEO Travis Kalanick. The old Uber logo and aesthetic became synonymous with a highly-masculine, toxic culture and has been associated with the rise in safety concerns surrounding the app.

However, the new branding is more approachable, easy going and plays on the strength of the Uber name. Similar to Google, when people use ridesharing services, they say “I’m going to Uber there”. So, placing the Uber name at the forefront utilizes that strength to its fullest.

NASA: Ubiquity & Transparency

NASA Branding

Yes, NASA is a Tech company, one of the oldest in fact. NASA being on this list is more than highly peculiar. They do not really sell anything to consumers but have done an incredible job growing and adapting their brand through the 30 years of operations.

Now especially, NASA is incredibly popular. They portray themselves as highly intelligent yet approachable. No one really hates NASA, they are the organization that known for shooting for the stars, dreaming big and constantly innovating. Their neutrality and focus on science and innovation make them popular to everyone. Their logos are printed ubiquitously in a variety of apparels and merchandise in partnership with other companies that sell. On top of that, they have a very active and multi-channelled social media presence that combines the wonders of science and galactic travel with the transparency of social media content sharing that regularly posts all the cool and innovative developments that NASA has been involved in. They are constantly headlining newsreels, with new scientific space discoveries, research findings and space travel to callbacks to the first moon landing and Apollo missions. NASA remains favourably futuristic and nostalgic.

Spotify: Personalized Experience

Spotify Branding

Branding is more than just the logo. It is how it makes you feel and how the brand communicates. With Spotify, not only do the bright vibrant colours make you feel excited, welcomed, young and down-to-earth. But how Spotify interacts with their customers by creating playlists and recommendations that improve the consumer experience. The use of data-driven, user-generated content became the forefront of not only their product line but their marketing. They are best known for their ad campaigns that publicly posted the music listening behaviour of individuals, that came with quirky captions that went instantaneously viral. On top of that Spotify also gives yearly reports to users of their listening behaviour, creating a very intimate relationship between the product and the consumer.