14th Jun 2016

Benefits of Social Media Management For Businesses

In today’s dynamic workplace, more and more functions and operations are being moved online. The reason is that the digital platform is more versatile and very popular with consumers all across the world. The social media scene is also important for businesses because of the enormous traffic witnessed on a daily basis. This makes social media management an important function of any decent marketing agency. It is important to take a modern approach and one that is effective so that clients get value for their money and have plenty of positive traffic including current and potential customers.

Roles of social media in business

Social media can play a huge role in business today. In fact, any serious business has to have some form of social media presence failure to which they would lose out immensely to competition and to new entrants into their niche. Any modern digital marketer will advice all their clients to engage in some form of social platform so as to interact with the hundreds of millions who grace these sites practically every single minute of every single day.

  • Expose business and its brands, products and services to a huge online community: Modern social networks are vast and reach out across the globe. They have members in the hundreds of millions with many accessing these networks through their Smartphones and handheld devices. Exposing a business to this kind of traffic is important because there is the potential of marketing to this population and turning them into customers.
  • Promote the business and its brands on the social website: This is important because it is marketing to a huge market of hundreds of millions. It is also free marketing mostly to such a huge audience. The value of this kind of marketing is pretty big and that is why it makes a lot of sense for any major company to get online and get in touch with as many potential customers as possible
  • Direct and indirect selling to customers: these social sites provide a great opportunity to sell products and services directly to customers without the need to use a third party or incurring additional expenses. There are many brands and small businesses that make huge sales on social media sites, raking in sales they would not have otherwise enjoyed.
  • Provide customer service: Many major brands provide important customer services to their clients via social sites. They answer customers’ questions, respond to their issues, solve their problems and even sort out all manner of issues that customers have. It is much cheaper and more convenient to have such platforms to address issues and concerns that customers may have.

A look at some of the more popular social networking websites

Any individual engaged in social media management will need to know which the biggest and most popular networking sites are and how they operate. This is so that they can open business pages here and start interacting with members of these sites. Here are some of the more popular ones.

  • Facebook: this is perhaps one of the largest social networking websites in the world today. It has over 1 billion active accounts with over 300 million from around the world logged in at any given time.
  • Twitter: this is yet another very popular social site with millions of users from across the globe. It provides great opportunities for individuals and businesses to acquire a following, market their brands and products and advance their marketing goals.
  • Instagram: Instagram is very popular with a certain demographic. It is mainly used by young people and individuals who love to exchange or share photos, videos and images. This is a great platform to market brands and products especially because of the images and photos that can be posted here for viewers to see.
  • YouTube: YouTube is one of the largest social platforms where people get to share, exchange and enjoy watching videos. There are videos of all kind including funny videos, documentaries, marketing videos and all others.

These are just a few of the many social sites where people login every single day to interact, share and communicate with each other. These platforms are used by various businesses and organizations to interact with their followers and customers. Any modern business that seeks to thrive needs to be able to have a presence in these and other social sites otherwise they will lose out in a major way.

Applying social media management skills

  • Managing social media for any business is not an easy matter and is, in fact, a full-time job. There are marketing experts who have been employed or own businesses whose core function is to manage the social media sites of clients.
  • These marketing experts need to do certain things every day. They need to check out the inbox messages and respond to as many of these as possible. They also need to post new and fresh content which can be simply motivational, funny or interesting sentiments, images or videos. These are meant to keep followers engaged.
  • Marketing professionals managing online accounts also need to answer questions and queries posted on the walls of these interactive platforms so that followers and customers on the page are happy, contented and feel like they matter.
  • It is also important to occasionally market the company’s products, announce any promotional events and invite followers to visit the website and purchase products, join the emailing group and basically become active members and prospective clients.

Use of software tools and programs to manage social interactive accounts

The work of managing social website accounts is not easy but can be made less strenuous by the use of various tools and programs available in the market today. Therefore, professionals, like Arc Reactions, engaged in the process of social media management should make use of all the tools and programs at their disposal in order to adequately manage the accounts assigned to them.

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