3rd Oct 2016

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Go Social

So what’s the fuss about creating social media for your business? It’s like everyone, starting from celebrities to that quaint, little mom and pop store down the lane is spending big bucks on social media management companies to gain more traction, but what is it really worth? If you are a business owner who used to spend on traditional marketing channels, then it’s safe to say that thought has probably occurred to you at some point of time and this article is written to specifically address that problem. So, let’s get started. Here are 6 reasons why your business needs to go social:

1. Social media posts can be used to generate traffic and more sales.

Did you know that social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing? Did your restaurant just launch a new dish? Is your business giving away an offer? Well then, it’s time to go to social media with those! We have seen social media management companies design posts and advertise through Facebook and Instagram to generate over 150% increment in sales over the period of a week! And these examples are in the thousands, if not more. A social media post can be the perfect medium to gain public attention for any of your business announcements and in turn, an increment of public attention will lead to better sales. If you are a B2B business, than you should also know that nowadays, 84% of CEOs and VPs use social media to help make purchasing decisions

2. It can build a better relationship with your customers / clients in general

While traditional marketing techniques are mostly used to garner attention, good social media management companies base strategies to generate both attention and engagement from the targeted audience. And it is a general conception which is also proven psychologically, that people tend to put their trust more upon brands when they can engage with it because it allows them to connect better. More often than not, you will see brands not only promoting their products via their social media accounts but are also posting humor contents or other contents that are completely irrelevant to their products. These posts are made with the intention to evoke interest into the minds of their followers and allow them to engage with the post and in turn, with the brand itself.

3. Social Media Ads can be targeted to specific Targeted Audience base and allow you to measure your ads.

If you have invested in traditional marketing before, ask yourself this question, does a banner tell you how many people have seen it? Or, can you set a newspaper advertisement in a way that it only reaches people who are between the ages of 18-25?

No, it is actually impossible to do so via traditional channels and it is one of the primary reasons for the rise of social media management companies for the past few years. A social media management will analyze your target audience or your peak consumer base and after that, design and deliver social media ads targeted to only the target audience base which is more actively engaged with your business. Alongside, you can measure social media ads to see which has performed better with your target audience from which you can also get the idea which product is more desired by your target audience group and it opens up a whole new arena for you to make optimized marketing data-driven decisions for your company whenever you are required to do so.

4. You don’t want your target audience to be more loyal to your competitors.

Regardless of which business sector you are in nowadays, it’s safe to say that at least one of your competitors has a social media management company or an expert to back them up in all the channels of social media. In that case, if you are not competing with them via social media, there’s a high chance that your target audience base may be shifting loyalty via social media. Dragging back to the point made in (2), if your customers are engaging with them better, there’s more chance that they are buying from them more as well!

5. Gain authentic insights about what your customers think about your brand.

Social media can be a great place to pick up what your customers actually think about your brand. Most people are really open to opinions on social media and they are more prone to say things that they otherwise would not say to your face. Thereby, you can get to learn all about what your target audience actually think about your products, pricing, promotional strategy, placement, etc. Most social media management companies have different tactics to pick up ‘brand talk’ via social media and they can provide reports to their clients about what their customers think about them and this can help businesses make better, customer-friendly decisions which can go a long way to help any brand.

6. It’s much cheaper and gives better ROI for your marketing endeavors

You can print thousands of flyers and distribute them all over the city, you can make a gigantic banner or billboard and put it up on Times Square, you can spend millions and put your commercial in the break of a prime time television show or you can put up an ad on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and get it circulated targeting only your target audience range (via demographics such as age, location, interest, etc); which seems like a better option? Think about it, you can give out flyers all over the town but you are never going to know how many people are going to actually read that, moreover you can never distribute them to your target audience base solely (Because distributing to anyone else can just be a waste of money); the same problem persists with TV/radio ads, newspaper ads, banners and billboards.


Today’s social media management companies can make the most optimized ads in terms of designs which can appeal to your target audience base and then set out ads targeted to only the specified range of consumers that you may have. Giving you the most optimized marketing results at the best price with the best ROI.