5th Sep 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Podcast Marketing

A podcast an episodic series of audio or video files uploaded on the internet which a user can listen to or download. With millions of people listening to podcasts all over the world, it is not surprising that it has become an avenue to market businesses, products and services. Like every other platform or forum of advertising, podcast marketing needs to be understood to fully harness its power. Not every podcast is the right fit for marketing even if it has a huge following. It’s all about seeking out and connecting with the right audience.

Podcast marketing is on the increase as compared to other traditional digital marketing methods. Here are several reasons why you might want to try your hand at created audio ads:

  • Podcasts are usually very engaging mediums. People who listen to podcasts do so because they really want to hear what it is being said. So, usually, they would pay attention to every word and thereby hear your advertisement. It is difficult to tune your ad out.
  • People listen to podcasts because they want to hear what the host has to say. Because they connect with the hosts, it gives your product credibility. That means you are sure almost everyone who listens to the show will hear your ad and take it seriously.
  • Storytelling is key. Podcasts are one of the mediums that use storytelling the most. Storytelling is at the heart of marketing.
  • Low production cost. Podcast are inexpensive to produce. It is a platform that is accessible to a lot of people. People who have something to say can easily record, even with their mobile phone and start their podcast for free. With the power of the internet and the ability for anything to go viral, podcasting is an easily accessible platform.

There are a few things that will make your podcast marketing successful.

  1. Finding or creating podcasts that appeal to the customer.

There are several successful and popular podcasts out there so when you decide, pick one that suits you. You want your ad to be related to the podcast. There is a reason for this. People who listen to the podcast are already passionate about what the host is doing. It would not take a lot of effort to get them interested in your ad. If the host is someone considered to be an authority in the field, then it helps your ad even more. And if you decide to create your own podcast, the key is to create value with it. It shouldn’t be created only to sell ads.

  1. Understanding the nature of the intended audience.

What does your audience want? What would they consider to be valued? As with all marketing, knowing your audience is key. Knowing the audience would determine the podcats that you choose to engage with. When creating podcast marketing focus on the longtail niche audience, they tend to be more loyal.

  1. Tailoring the ad to suit your goals.

What is the aim or the purpose of the ad? After you know the target of the ad and you select a podcast or create one, this is the next question to ask. Answering that question will also aid you to tailor the ad.


If you decide that you would rather create a new podcast than advertise on an existing one, here are some ways to promote the podcast.

  1. Submit your podcast to directories.

There are certain podcast services on the internet; platforms that host podcasts. Submitting your podcast to them can help you reach a wider audience. Some of these directories are;

  • iTunes; this was probably the platform that got the medium its high popularity. It still accounts for 75% of the world’s digital music market. As long as you follow the rules put down by Apple, getting your podcast on iTunes shouldn’t be a hassle.
  1. Get guests to promote your episodes.

Having guests on your podcast in itself can be a marketing strategy. If you are lucky to get a guest with high name recognition, announcing ahead of time that you will be having the guest on can be a great way to drive traffic to your podcast.

Even if your guest’s name isn’t that popular but they have their own dedicated following or have a large mailing list, a mention to their audience that they will be on your podcast will also help you reach new audiences.

  1. Use other mediums to advertise your podcast.

Other ways to market your podcast is by using tools such as Facebook Ads. You could also create a YouTube page for your podcast.