8th Jul 2019

7 Ways to Modernize Your Brand

Technological advances over the last decade have drastically changed all aspects of our life, from how we shop, to how we conduct business. In spite of radical change, many brands have continued to thrive. Although the reason for achieving such feats involves a variety of factors, one thing remains the same. The brand appeal is a primary force of attraction that leads to commercial success. For your brand to reach success, you must be willing to keep up with the fast-paced market, and that means change! You may be wondering, are why do you need to modernize your brand? How do you go about it? Today we are going to discuss 7 strategies to modernize your brand.


Reasons Why You Need to Modernize Your Brand

There are numerous reasons why you should modernize your brand. For example, your brand might be expanding as a result of International growth; meaning you must meet the demands of a larger customer base. To do that, you must change the operation of your business.

Another reason to rebrand is to distance your business from a bad reputation. When the brand has developed a poor reputation over the years and can no longer command trust, a change is needed. This is the perfect time to modernize your brand.

New management can also affect change to a brand, especially when a collective decision is made to change the direction at which the brand is headed.

The brand’s logo might also be outdated. True, times are changing, and changing rapidly. If the logo- the first line of appeal to the customer- is not in line with the present times, it needs to be modernized. The concept at which it was designed years back may not be in vogue, or maybe archaic even. Hence, modernization required. So, how can you go about the task of modernizing your brand? Here is how you can achieve that.


7 Ways to Modernize Your Brand

Rework Your Logo

You have to determine if your logo is outdated or not. If it is, you have to make the needed changes to rejuvenate it back to life. Remember, your logo should be able to transmit the message of your brand. Consider updating your font or adding a bold colour. If your logo is too complex, consider streamlining its features. An effective logo will leave the last impression in the minds of your customers.


Update Your Photos

Keeping your customers engage should be the goal of your business. Regularly uploading your brand’s photos on your websites and social media platforms will ensure that your brand is implanted on your customer’s minds. All you need to do is update your websites or social feeds with fresh photos that reflect your business today


Be Social Media Mindful

As you attempt to keep your customers engaged, you have to be mindful of the volume and quality of content you put out there. You must also take note of trends and the relevance of the posts of your brands made on social media platforms. Sometimes, less is more (remove clutter from your website or social media page, remove outdated posts of information


Refine Your Voice

A brand’s voice consists of the core values and goals that are passed across to the customers.  The voice of a brand can become diluted over time as a result of differing factors. In such instances, redefine your values and goals and use those to create a strong, recognizable tone.


Update Your Tagline

The internet and social media platforms provide you with a platform to project your brand across a wider reach. These platforms give you the opportunity to introduce and talk about your business. Taglines are a great way to summarize your business in a few words. Update your taglines to a phrase that reflects your business today.


Partner with an Influencer

To get the very best for your brand, you have to make the most with the opportunities you have to connect with your customers. Finding a large percentage of your target customer base has been made much easier with social media platforms. Still, you must strive to engage with them. You can do this by getting an influencer to do the work for you. Your influencer will take charge of passing your brands message across to your customers. This has proven to be very effective. So, bring your brand, not the spotlight by partnering with a modern, relevant consumer.


Explore New Platforms

You have to be on the move to engage with many customers as possible. Consider launching a fresh new campaign on Spotify ads or advertising on a podcast. Your marketing numbers will surely thank you for it.

Modernizing your brand no doubt requires much effort. Still, looking at the benefit of modernizing your brand outweighs your secondary concerns. You will have your brand back on track at the end of the day.