28th Mar 2018

Marketing Companies: Words That Help You Seal The Deal

When it comes to marketing copy is key to drawing people in and funnelling them towards a sale. Here are some words marketing companies will want to include in your copy to increase ROI.


‘You’ is the most powerful word in the English language for marketers. Marketing companies use the word ‘you’ to make your customers feel like you are talking to them directly. Your customers, like every other human, is egocentric and are more aware of themselves and their needs than anybody else’s. When you address them directly, it forms a connection.

Consider these two sentences.

“The iPhone was created for the elite. It was made to solve your problems. Its camera was made to take your best pictures. Its speakers are ready to play your best music. The iPhone was made for you.”

“The iPhone was created for the elite. It was made to solve problems. Its camera was made to take the best pictures. Its speakers are ready to play the best music. The iPhone was made for users.”

These two sentences are basically except one talks in the second person and the other in the third person. The first person addresses the reader directly. Tells the reader they are part of the elite and the iPhone was made for them. The second tells the same story but the personal connection is gone.

If you decide to use ‘I’ in your copy, make sure you use the ‘you’ more. Even though using an ‘I’ may make it look more like a dialogue, the reader is still more concerned about himself. Your copy is more about the audience and how you want them to feel.

Limited Time

Time is one of the biggest factors that influence human desires and pursuits. And because humans still can’t control time, unfortunately, they are massively controlled by it. Marketing companies can use this to your advantage.

Using the words ‘limited time’ implies that the offer is about to end. The person reading your copy knows that once again Time is against them and to win, they have to beat time. This means they need to decide and move now.

Adding ‘limited time’ to your copy makes your readers make a decision fast. They know if they delay, they might lose the opportunity. If given a lot of time, some of them will never make a decision. Use these words and your ROI will increase.


This word addresses the issue of delayed gratification. You don’t want to wait to have several customers rolling into your real estate business, right? Your customers are exactly the same. They want what they desire yesterday.

Words like ‘instantly’, ‘immediately’ and ‘fast’ triggers that desire to have it now.


Nobody hates ‘free’. Everybody loves to get stuff for free. Consumers often favour quality and familiarity but they will drop all of these in exchange for something free.

There is a slight danger to ‘free’ offerings though. It might attract a lot of people but most of them will not be loyal when they need to pay. It is important for marketing companies to find a way to make sure the people who only came for the free stuff will become loyal to your product and service.


Your potential customers are in the market for the best. Unfortunately, they may not be able to recognize this on their own. You have to tell them. Don’t assume they will know the immense of your value; make it impossible for them not to know.


Even though humans are said to hate change, we are fascinated with the new. The internet is always buzzing with new ideas, new products and new ways of doing things. That is why people dump their phone for newer versions even if the only difference is the size.

Your brand should stay the same, people want some familiarity. But your products should not remain the same. Marketing companies adding the word ‘new’ to your offering can make the difference between taking it up or not.


People are super conscious of their money. They don’t want to lose it and they would rather keep it. However, people can’t stay away from a bargain. People will spend money on your product if they are convinced they are somehow saving money by doing so.

“Buy the Real Estate Tool before the New Year and save 70%.”

People who are not sure they’d need the Real Estate Tool will purchase it because they would not want to wait until the New Year and buy it at a more expensive price.


The word ‘guarantee’ appeals to the customer’s emotional need for security and trust. Humans are afraid of loss and a guarantee against loss will encourage them to part with their money.


There is something in the human nature that hates losing out. We don’t want to pass up a deal. That is why products on sale get a lot more buyers. People who will otherwise not purchase the product suddenly feel they will be missing out if they don’t.

When rightly used, the word ‘sale’ can trigger the need to get something as cheap as possible in your customer.


This is a powerful tool that marketing companies use to convince your potential customers to become paying customers. The words tell your customers that other people – a lot of them – have trusted your product or service and they can too. Trust is a vital factor in the purchasing decision of consumers. If others have trusted you, they will feel it easier to trust you too. There is also some kind of security in a crowd. ‘Bestseller’ will help you provide that trust and security that will seal the deal for you.