24th May 2017

Marketing Calgary: How We Would Market Our City

Marketing Calgary: How We Would Market Our City

Every day, marketing strategies unfold around us. Radio jingles, print ads, YouTube videos, billboards, signs and Google ads are everywhere we look and have become a central way we live and communicate. You may not think of cities needing marketing, but cities, like everything else, need high-quality marketing to attract investment. Marketing Calgary is about highlighting the city’s strong points and character. When marketing the city, you don’t want to focus just on getting people here, you also need to consider the amenities that would facilitate a visit. The city of Calgary is both a municipality and a brand.

So, now you understand why a city would need a marketing strategy, here is how we would highlight our beautiful home.

1. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains. 

With natural landmarks such as Lake Louise and Banff a short drive away, Calgary is an ideal base from which to explore the Rocky Mountains. If you’re keen to experience the outdoors than the area around Calgary is the perfect place for you. This is the first and foremost point we would highlight when marketing Calgary.

Calgary offers the best of both worlds: proximity to nature and the amenities of a big city. We are home to many weekend warriors. Work during the week with the option to enjoy hiking, skiing, camping and so much more on the weekend. When it comes to enjoying nature, the Rocky Mountains have something for everyone in every fitness category. And, the views just can’t be beaten.

2. Proximity to the International Airport. 

The YYC Calgary International Airport is an international airport that serves the city of Calgary in Alberta, a province of Canada. This makes it a desirable location for people that travel often. Air travel can already be a taxing experience, that is why having an international airport in your backyard is essential for anyone that likes to explore. Located just outside the city centre, the YYC airport flies to most major destinations.

3. Clean city

Calgary prides itself on being a clean city and we would showcase that when marketing Calgary. The city of Calgary does an excellent job of making sure the streets are free of debris, trash and graffiti. There is something to be said about living in a clean city, it shows that the residents care about the city and take pride in its appearance. Calgary is working towards not only being a clean city but a green one. With the recent addition of “green bins” are meant to promote composting to all the cities residents. Living in a clean and green city is not only good for the residence but the planet also.

4. Low Sales Tax

In other provinces sales tax can add up to as much as 15%. This adds a major expense to any purchase you make. From restaurants to shopping, you’re getting hit with a higher bill. When marketing Calgary, we would highlight Calgary’s low of sales tax. That is instant savings on anything you buy in Calgary. If you are planning on making a big purchase, it might pay to come to Calgary to make that investment.

5. Beautiful Architecture

A city skyline is a profile of greatness; the towers and high-rises are symbols of success poured in concrete that forms the outline of a community. Our ever-expanding skyline is one of the most impressive in Canada. Whether you want to view the architecture from a high view-point or experience it from the streets, there is something for everyone. In recent years the city has invested in some beautiful new architecture like the new public library and the music centre. The best part, these buildings are open to everyone!

6. Expanding Bikeways

The extensive bike path system around Calgary is a huge draw for many that enjoy cycling, therefore, it is a point we would accentuate when marketing Calgary. Calgary is a great city for those that like to commute to the city centre for work! There is also a lot of pathways around the city for a leisurely right, or if you prefer something longer, that are a lot of opportunities for that too. The winding bike paths take you through the heart of the city and down the banks of the river. There are no shortages of opportunities to take your wheels out for a spin.