11th Oct 2017

Marketing Calgary: Why You Should Start Thinking of Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth can be one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Calgary consumers like to rely on others for recommendations on the quality and effectiveness of a product or service which makes it an effective form of marketing Calgary. Consumers seek proof or assurance when deciding to spend money on something.  When a consumer has interest in a product, a convincing review can be the final push they need to make the purchase.

As a result, Influencers are becoming a popular tool to expose a product or service.

An influencer is a person who is perceived as an expert in a particular field and people trust their opinion on things in that field. An influencer has spent time building their reputation as an expert in a niche or field. People trust the opinions of influencers and would buy something they recommend or give a positive review about.

Influencer marketing is paying this influencer to blog or update their social media platforms about your products, services or your brand. This is a relatively new form of marketing Calgary. The influencers can write a blog explaining how your product works and advantages of using it. They could also post a picture or a video of themselves using the product on social media.

Influencer marketing is a vital way to market your brand. The following are reasons why marketing Calgary should start thinking of Influencer Marketing.


  1. Creates a Valuable Experience

This process usually starts with giving the influencer your product to use. Or if it is a service you offer, the influencer experiences the service. It is from this experience that every other thing spring. These influencers could then discuss your products with other influencers in the field.

It is important to note that the influencer you choose will depend on the focus of your marketing campaign and your target audience. This is important, especially where the product is meant for different demographics. You may be able to reach some with influencer website owners while others will be reached by influencers using social media platforms like Instagram.


  1. Offers Exposure

The influencer writes a review about your product. The review explains the features of your product, and why their readers should use your product. It can also include links to your website or a store where your product can be purchased. The review can include a step-by-step guide on how to use your product.

They can compare your product or service with others related to your offering. This comparison can be a major boost for you especially if your product or service is better or offers something unique that others don’t have. A better showing, when compared to some of the leaders in your field, will send a lot of buyers your way.

The reviews can be done in different ways, depending on your product or space where the influencer operates. Here are different ways reviews can be done.

–    Blog post; this is a style adopted by influencers who have a huge following on their websites or blogs. These websites would be known to give relevant and correct information in the niche where your product or service is situated.

–    Social media texts; this can be tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and so on. A review can be short enough to be contained in the 280 characters limit of Twitter.

–    Pictures; a picture can be worth a thousand words. Sometimes all an influencer has to do is take a picture of them using your product with pleasure. The picture already passes the right message to people who see it.

–    Videos; videos go a step further than pictures because you can add motion and sound. A video review is probably the best as the viewer can see the influencer using the product and they can speak their recommendation.


  1. Opportunity for Feedback

One of the advantages of influencer marketing is the influencer can give you feedback on your product or service. They will be able to offer you constructive criticism and you can learn how to improve your product or service to better your marketing Calgary.

Here are some reasons why an influencer can give you relevant feedback

–    They are experts in the field; as stated earlier, the influencer knows what you are doing or trying to do. They have probably tried products from other companies similar to yours. They can tell you what people in your industry are doing better than you and you can learn where you need to improve.

–    They relate to other influencers in your field; their feedback and suggestions may not be theirs alone. They can get the opinion of other influencers who may not have reviewed your product but also know about it.

–    Their followers give them feedback too; an influencer is only an influencer because he or she has followers. These followers who have read or seen the reviews done by the influencer can give their own feedback in form of comments. This way you get the opinion of more people, lay people who might have more insight into how the common person sees your product. And these comments will most likely come from your target audience so you are getting very vital information that will help do better in the market.

  1. Serves as a speaker/spokesperson

The influencer can serve as a speaker or spokesperson for you at conference or seminars expanding your marketing Calgary. Influencers get a lot of invites to conferences you may not be invited to. They can act as your spokesperson, putting in a good word for your product.

Even if you are invited to the conference and you get a chance to speak about your product, you may be accused of just tooting your own horn. An influencer is already trusted and his or her words will resonate better with the audience.

The influencer will also be able to interact with customers and potential customers who may not approach your company. They can answer questions and help. This will help your brand build better relationships with your customers and sow seeds of loyalty in them.