1st Jul 2015

Losing Facebook Traction?

Social media marketing is no longer an option in marketing. If you’re attending a trade show you need to advertise your booth number on your social media, if you’re starting a blog it should be linked to your social media – there really is no escape from posting on all your platforms if you want traffic to pass through your marketing. The question is – how effective is your social media long term? For most people, Facebook traction beginning to wane, but no one knows if it’s a problem.

It’s easy to blame Facebook’s new algorithm, to some extent that will be a contributing factor, but there are things that you can do to help encourage more organic traffic which you will have to employ if you want to succeed in online marketing.

Below is a great infographic that is rich in ideas to make the most of what you have, created by QuickSprout: 


(Click to view remaining image)

Making the most of your traffic isn’t hard but it does take perseverance, planning and analysing your metrics.

By using your ‘insights’ page on Facebook, you can see who is posting, when they are posting, what is popular and you can even compare yourself to your competition. The new algorithm may mean that you appeared to lose traction but it has also given you the option to analyse your consumer’s habits and learn what you need to gain back the loss – and more.

If you’re struggling with a low organic reach on Facebook, consider shifting your focus toward tracking your engagement rate per post. To calculate this, take the total number of people who have liked, shared, clicked, or commented on your Facebook post and divide it by the number of people who saw that post—not your total number of fans.


Increasing organic traffic is a timely process but by analysing your data, putting in the work and thinking about your audience you will be greatly rewarded by your chosen demographic.

What else would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments section!