25th Jul 2018

How To Add Going Live to Your Marketing Strategy

“Going Live” or livestreaming is a valuable and now indispensable part of a marketing strategy. Going Live or livestreaming simply means showing your audience a moment as it happens through the internet. Video marketing has been an essential part of marketing for decades and livestreaming is just an extension of this. It is only natural that marketing via live stream will grow in importance as well.

Some businesses or marketers are hesitant to add going live to their marketing strategy because they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. A straightforward way to overcome these fears is practice. Before you go live for the first time, try recording a segment that you would find interesting. Watch it and see where you would like to improve. Do this over and over again till you are comfortable with your delivery in front of a camera. Once you’re happy with the content, it’s time to go live. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. That is the beauty of livestreaming, it’s meant to be raw.

Here are some reasons why you should consider adding livestreaming to your Calgary Marketing Strategy.

  1. It is cost effective.

Before you adopt any new marketing strategy, it is important to know that the ROI is worth it. With livestreaming, it is worth it. Going live will not cost you more than your normal video marketing. All you need is a good internet connection and a camera that can shoot HD quality videos. Of course, there are several ways to Go Live and some of them cost more than others but you will find a method that will be perfect for your budget.

If you don’t have the technical know-how to set up a livestream session on your website, you can use free applications like Facebook, Periscope, YouTube or Instagram.

  1. Opportunity to look behind the scenes.

Customers want to know what your brand does behind the scenes. Transparency is key for them and livestreaming is a good way to show what they would not normally see. With the use of software already mentioned, you can show them how your manufacture, design or produce. Don’t give too much away but allow customers to achieve the feeling of really knowing your brand. You can introduce them to some of your staff and you can show them your office space. It increases the authenticity of your brand.

  1. Livestreaming gives you the opportunity to have interactive classes.

You can share your thoughts or deliver your presentation then people from around the world can send in their question in real-time. You can also ask questions to see if people have gotten your message and they can answer in the comments section. Livestreaming gives you the advantage of instant feedback. And you can decide to turn your livestream session into a video that can be shared later. Meaning you benefit twice from livestreaming.

  1. Create a community with your marketing strategy.

When you livestream, your customers get the opportunity to comment and talk to each other. As they watch you, they can interact and even answer each other’s questions. This way they can create relationships around your brand. This interaction improves the customer’s experience and they are more likely to promote your brand. Communities can only be created naturally, and this is a good way to create a culture.


Occasions where Going Live is a useful marketing strategy.

  1. Answer questions.

Livestreaming is an effective way to answer the questions that consumers may have about your brand. You might have a FAQ session or have a customer send questions in real-time. They don’t have to wait for their questions to be answered.

  1. Special announcements and product launches.

Many businesses hold big events to launch new products or make major announcements. It is difficult to get all your customers into the hall where the announcements will be made. Usually, most customers will have to wait until a later time to get their own information. But with livestreaming, everyone, wherever they are, get a chance to hear your special announcements. Create hype around your new product with a live session.

  1. Influencer outreach.

Leverage an influencer’s reach by hosting a mutually beneficial live stream. Interview your influencer or host a life Q&A! Diversify your content by hosting a live tutorial with your influencer. The possibilities are endless!

How to have a great livestreaming session.

  1. Have a plan but do not act.

Livestreams are meant to be real and raw. Have a plan for the things you will talk about but also go with the flow. Don’t rely only on your prepared notes, respond to the vibe of the audience and go with the flow!

  1. Trust others and take risks.

If you are doing a backstage stream for example, or a Go-behind-the-scenes, talk to random people who may not even be prepared to go live. This enables you to have real conversations that your audience can relate to. It may be risky but it is worth exploring.

  1. Show your audience you care.

Your livestream is not only to market your brand, it should be used to show your audience you care about them. This will show in the way you answer their questions and your interaction with them. It will not hurt to say the words, “we care about you” or “thank you”.