14th Mar 2018

The Importance of Calgary Branding

What is Calgary branding? And what is the importance of it? When you think of the city of Calgary, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

The Calgary Tower? Peace Bridge? Heritage Park? Stampede?

These familiar settings (amongst others) are what makes the city of Calgary recognizable, it is what builds the perception and credibility of the city, and it is what encourages people from other places to come and visit. In other words, these places create Calgary’s branding.

So, what is branding and how does it differentiate from marketing?

Branding is perceived as your product or services’ personality. A brand specifies what it is and why it exists. Branding will enable your customers to identify your products or services as soon as they hear your company’s name, in addition to creating a mental picture through elements, words, and creativity.

For instance, Calgary branding was first built around the idea of western culture, it took popularity with the festivities of the Calgary Stampede, and its cultural and historical parks, such as Heritage Park. Yet, Calgary has also become a cosmopolitan city where people can enjoy a delicious dinner with a spectacular view (Calgary Tower) or enjoy a nice stroll at the park where modern pedestrian bridges are hard to miss (the peace bridge at Prince’s island park).

Now, while branding is strategic, marketing is tactical.  Marketing is the essential tool to promote your business, your products and services, your brand.  Marketing creates strategies to communicate directly with your customers and reach out to potential customers; it delivers a clear understanding of how and why a customer would benefit from your products or services. On the other hand, branding evolves the behavior of consumers, it may be the reason why customers may choose you over other companies in the same industry.

For example, based on Calgary branding, tourists may choose to come to Calgary to gain the experience of the western culture through the Stampeded and the Heritage Park, rather than choosing to go to Toronto to see the Niagara Falls. Furthermore, people may be interested in coming to Calgary to enjoy some of the most prestige sights near the city, the Rockies. Calgary branding may not only be portrayed for its unique characteristics in the city, but also for its surroundings; making it a more appealing destination for many. This is where a good marketing strategy should be applied; Popularity of tourism in the city will define how persuasive a marketer will be when portraying Calgary’s branding and its surrounding areas.


It is important to have a clear understanding of the concept of branding, but most importantly, what the objectives of it are.

The following are ideal objectives a successful brand should apply:

  • Deliver a clear message

Your brand message is a channel of communication between you and your target audience. Your brand message connects to your brand identity and personality, here is your chance to exhibit your brand’s values and desires in the most appealing way. Keep in mind, the biggest benefit of developing your brand message is, it helps inform potential customers of your product, services, and core values.

  • Build credibility

Your brand has a fixed set of beliefs and core values, which are represented by your brand message, your brand’s identity, and products or services. By being consistent with these elements, you will demonstrate to your customers your devotions to your values and how they are portrayed through the products you sell. Keep in mind how your actions, your promotional strategies, all the way down to how your packaging or delivering services heavily convey your brand image.

  • Emotionally connect with prospect target markets

Out of the many brands available, you must find a way to attract customers by creating an emotional connection with them. People will be able to sympathize with your brand the minute they understand your beliefs and core values; if that is within their core values, then the customer will choose you.

  • Create buyer motivation leading to customer loyalty

Once a customer shows interest in your product or services, you must find a way to retain these customers, to the point of creating customer loyalty. Retaining customers through branding will further the building of credibility; this may mean implementing marketing campaigns related to your core values, creating social campaigns devoting to your brand’s beliefs, or even providing extraordinary after sales customer service. Not to mention, it is also about the consumer’s experience with the brand.

Branding is an essential strategic, as it delivers a guide to understanding the purpose of your business and its objectives. Branding will help you connect to potential customers seeking products and services that recognize their values and beliefs. Having a clear brand message serves the purpose of communicating to people what it is you are, and why you exist.