8th Apr 2019

Graphic Design Trends to Stay Away From in 2019

Every marketing team should stay on top of the Calgary graphic design trends. The development of powerful advertising themes will be instrumental in shaping the future of your brand. New ideas are developed every year while old trends dwindle. These innovations are usually as a result of political and social changes around the world. Calgary graphic design trends should be tailored in such a way that it resonates with consumer behaviour and demographics. The design pattern of different brands is distinctive with features that make them stand out!

The businesses name and logo along with the way consumers relate to it represent the company’s brand. A powerful brand gives your audience a perfect understanding of the products you offer and how they can benefit from it. Rebranding may be needed as a business evolves to uphold integrity and increase customer loyalty. Keep this in mind when you reflect on these changing design trends.

Why Outdated Design is Bad For Your Brand

Knowing when to rebrand is critical to the success of any business. Following Calgary graphic design trends without adequate research may lead to a negative brand image which can be quite frustrating for both the company and its customers.

Implementing new ideas which may seem trendy can be unappealing. You may end up with designs that do not depict the main objectives of the brand. Popular brands may just require little design adjustments to ensure that it remains in tune with current trends without adversely affecting user experience.

Rebranding does not begin and end with logo design adjustments, must consider all of your branding, whether it’s printed or digital. However, you cannot always control the way customers feel about your brand. They are endeared to companies that appear to understand their needs. Conducting a comprehensive market survey will help you make adjustment aimed at aligning your brand with the preferences of your target audience.

Design Trends That Should Be Avoided in 2019

Brand inconsistency is a marketing mistake that can adversely affect the image of a business. All advertising tools including logos, fonts, colours and other important branding elements across all platforms should be consistent. Uniformity in social, print and digital media helps your brand live up to expectation!

Alright, without any further ado here are some design trends to avoid this year:

Muted Colors

Choice of colour is very important in Calgary graphic design because it can affect the way people see a brand or product. Whether your target audience sees your brand image as archaic or trendy is dependent on the colours you choose.

Bright and intense colours are becoming more popular in recent times as retro visual trends are making a huge comeback. Consider swapping out some of your muted branding for something that embraces saturated colours.


Detailed and Complex Logos and Aesthetic

Vintage designs have been in vogue for some years now. The design style highlights a complex layout with elaborate details which was popular in the 1800s. It depicts artistry and impressive attention which is reminiscent of that era.

Although retro visual trends are constantly growing in popularity, there are other modern styles that are also beginning to trend. This is as a result of an increase in popularity of material design which became widely used by big brands. The use of vibrant colours, bold typography and simplicity are the major defining characteristics of this style of design.

It is safe to say that the minimalist approach to graphics design is taking over.


Mixed Typography

The mixed typography style has become common among graphic designers as it can be seen on brand logos and other digital and print media. Merging fonts can be quite tricky as combinations that are less complementary can result in dull visual images.

A moderate approach to typography is beginning to gain popularity as newer designs are now in a powerful and more comprehensive single font.


Traditional Stock and Generic Typography

Due to overuse of a seemingly restricted variety of fonts and stock photos, graphic designers would need to devise another approach to producing sensational elements of branding.

Several advertising materials with traditional stock art and typographic illustrations tend to appear generic and may damage your brand image. Logos and other elements of branding should be distinctive to better differentiate your business from the competition.


Badges and Crests (Fully Enclosed Logos)

Badges and crests with fully enclosed logos have become a popular trend. Most of these badges look similar except for the text that may represent a different brand name.

This design style can be acceptable for some brands that can come up with little adjustments to create something unique. It is advisable to avoid designs that are too common as your business evolves.


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