10th Aug 2016

Why Do You Need a Graphic Design Agency to Set Up Your Business in Calgary?

Today’s marketing is all about intriguing catchphrases, interesting designs, and flashy content; and businesses in Calgary, like businesses anywhere else in the world, are catching up to the trend. So do you need a graphic design agency to set up your business in Calgary?


While a lot of businesses in Calgary have boomed with old traditional marketing techniques such as radio or TV ads, times have drastically changed and now, it’s often too expensive to place radio or TV ads and companies have to settle for other techniques such as brochures, flyers, banners, etc. In other cases, businesses go for interesting storefront looks to capture the attention of passerby.

The city has recently suffered a major recession, but regardless of the tough economy, Calgary has always been a very business-friendly city, with a very tough and competitive market in all sectors, especially in B2C. Calgary has a lot of B2C businesses like restaurants, hotels, auto servicing business, clothing stores, etc. and these businesses are in constant competition with each other.

Karen, the owner of a local restaurant in Calgary said, “When I started out, my restaurant was the only one in this neighborhood, but mine is now the fifth restaurant here. I guess variations in marketing techniques and bolder designs are the key to standing out in here.” All the marketing material used in her business is flashy, done with bright colors which were done by a local Calgary Design Agency. “It’s all about boldness in your designs!” She exclaimed gleefully as we bid goodbye.

As we roamed around the most successful B2Cs in Calgary, this is something we consistently noticed; regardless of whether it is an auto shop or a restaurant; most successful businesses in Calgary have bold and flashy brands that attract customers from miles away! Phill, the proprietor of an auto shop said “The first step of setting up my business was getting my logo done properly though a local design agency in Calgary. Being a local graphic design agency, they suggested I go for bright, bold colors such as red and yellow, which did not seem like a good idea back then, but now, I realize that it has paved the way for most of the success that my business has attained.”

If you are setting up a business in Calgary, there’s another reason for hiring a Calgary-based graphic design agency: in the initial stage of any business, there is a lot of design work to be done, starting with creating your logo, to making portfolios, document covers, and even presentations. You need a local, Calgary-based design agency to back you up at that time since they can give you the best feedback on designs and tell you which colors would be the best for a stronger connection with your target audience.

Even if you are running a B2B business, you would be better off with a Calgary design agency in your corner – they can do a lot more than just create your logo, like help you in your marketing endeavors. In the era of digital marketing, even B2B businesses are actively engaged in online marketing – more and more CEOs and VPs investigate a business’s online reputation before they entrust them with work. And for digital marketing, you need to have well-toned and set out designs to represent your business online.

Stephanie, the CEO of a Calgary-based design agency shared a few insights with us about her industry; “Calgary is a booming, growing city and businesses are always going to be setting up or expanding here. Regardless of your type of business, whether you maintain a storefront or a quaint office, you need some elements that are well-designed to speak for your business.” She stated. “And whether you like it or not, people are going to judge you by the way you are represented online or elsewhere.”

With all the experience that we gained from talking to successful businesses in Calgary, it seems imperative for any aspiring entrepreneur to hire a local graphic design agency to support them. And if you are going for a business with a storefront (like a restaurant or a clothing vendor), hiring a design agency is as important as getting a supplier for your business: without eye-catching design, chances are that you’re not going to get many customers coming in the door.

In a nutshell, If you are looking to set up a business in Calgary, our advice is: hire a Calgary graphic design agency to help you with your branding and designs.