19th Nov 2016

7 Ways Graphic Design Agencies Help Small Business

7 Ways Graphic Design Agencies Help Small Business

Graphic design agencies are critical to the success of a small business. You need the talent of skilled graphic designers in order to create aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching logos, branding, art, and design that will draw in customers and clients. The work of a graphic designer is critical but many small businesses forgo hiring one altogether, considering graphic design the last. Why? Let’s go over some key roles that graphic design plays in your business.

1. Profits

Graphic design agencies are masters of conversion. Whether it’s a great website or elegant branded business cards, pamphlets, or other literature, graphic designers can turn the simplest thing into a conversion machine. Your website, in particular, is one of your biggest tools in generating sales and clicks and is critical in this online and eCommerce world.

However, many small business owners balk at the price of professional graphic design. Art is often undervalued, often because people don’t consider the real work behind graphic design. You wouldn’t tell a plumber he was charging you too much to fix your leaky faucet, would you? What about the contractor building your house? Graphic design is so critical to success, any money you invest in quality will be earned back. Do your research – a professional artist will charge professional rates, but don’t get taken advantage of either.

2. Collaboration

Graphic design agencies work to create meaningful design that goes with your company’s mission and message. But it isn’t just the graphic designer who does the work–it’s you too. You bring your ideas, your vision, your mission statement to the table, and the artist works with you to interpret your vision.

Many companies make the mistake of only bringing in graphic design agencies once the work is nearly done, once all the product and branding decisions have already been made. Really, it’s  much better for a company to bring on a graphic designer at the beginning so that they can be a part of the collaborative brainstorming process.

3. Content

Most graphic designers aren’t content writers or producers. However, some graphic design agencies have both artists and content writers working together to create cohesive content and design that will make your company’s website or sales copy pop. Some graphic designers or graphic design agencies do have designers that do both, which is becoming increasingly common.

7 Ways Graphic Design Agencies Help Small Business

4. Professionalism

Not only is graphic design important for profit, graphic design also is critical in making your company look professional. What company doesn’t have a logo? Cohesive branding? Your company doesn’t just look better with a logo to represent it, but it also seems more trustworthy and professional to customers and clients. They want to know they’ll be treated fairly, by a company that cares about their experiences. Think of how you perceive a company with a good logo and great design, or those with a poorly executed, outdated logo and branding. It makes a huge difference.

Good graphic design also summarizes the goals and meaning of your company. Your branding and design work together to give your customers an idea of what your company represents and the history of your organization. If you have bought an older company that you are rebranding, your logo can help emphasize the history of the company and the trustworthy history like it can imply. If you’re a startup, emphasize the energy and enthusiasm your company has.

5. Aesthetic

Have you ever looked at a logo and just thought about how nice it looked? What about a website or a poster? Think of the best example of graphic design you’ve seen. Chances are pretty good that a dedicated artist put their time and energy into making that the best-looking bit of branding you’ve ever seen. Very few small businesses have full-time graphic designers on staff, and it shows. They put design last, and end up suffering for it. Good design is critical to customers. There are even some who won’t spend their money at companies who don’t take the time to put a good design on their priority list! A graphic designer makes your company stand out.

6. Recognition

Think of the most recognizable businesses you know about. What is their logo? What about the Starbucks logo, unique and artistic, instantly recognizable to everyone you meet on the street? Or the famous double arches of McDonald’s? Logos are a form of currency in today’s visual culture. A great logo will help your company stick in a customer’s mind. While today’s market trends lean toward minimalism, with logos that can easily be drawn by someone with a modicum of skill, a good graphic designer knows that isn’t always the best course of action either. It doesn’t have to be easy, just memorable.

Brand recognition is an important quality. It’s the thing that makes your customers and clients go, “what about x,” when they have a specific niche that your business can fill, and will put you ahead of the competition.

7. Communication

What is it that you want to communicate about your business? What is it that you want to convey to customers and clients? Graphic design agencies train their educated artists to communicate your company message in a logo, in a poster, or in an ad. Designers are experts at translating words into art, and making easy to read, aesthetically pleasing work that gets you noticed.

Graphic design agencies are critical in today’s visual marketing world. Their work is often underappreciated, but now, you know not to make that mistake. Don’t put design on the back burner – make a graphic designer part of your creative team today, and reap the rewards that good design can achieve for your business.