29th Oct 2018

How to Set Goals For a Successful Calgary Marketing Plan

Clearing defining your Calgary marketing goals is an essential step in planning a successful business. Deciding how you will measure the success of your marketing efforts will help you set up your business in a way that allows you to track ROI and data. Defining your goals may seem abstract in the early stages, however, it is essential to align your marketing goals with your business goals. This allows you to decide what metrics you are going to track and how you will track them. By setting specific goals, as well as measurable, attainable, time-bound and realistic objectives, you will know without question what you are working towards. Goals have their place in all levels of planning whether you are dealing with business development or online marketing.

Goals are the often difference between a successful and failed marketing plan. Creating a business plan that includes marketing goals is essential when managing time and resources. Unlike a business plan, your marketing plan typically focuses on winning new prospects and keeping your customers happy; it is strategic and can include statistics and objectives. A comprehensive marketing plan should spell out all the tactics and tools you’ll utilize to reach your sales goals. It is your plan action. Get straight to the point. Let’s look at four ways to set goals for a successful Calgary marketing campaign.

Start With Accurate Data

Before creating your Calgary marketing plan you need to gather accurate data about the demographic you are marketing to. This section defines your business and shows the benefits you will provide that sets you apart from competitors. Target audiences have now become highly specialized and segmented. No matter the what industry you work in, positioning your product competitively requires a proper understanding of your specific market. It’s essential that you are able to clearly comprehend what your competitors have to offer and show how your services provide better value.

Make sure that your situation analysis is a succinct overview of your strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities. Strengths and weaknesses mean the characteristics that exist in your business, on the other hand, opportunities and threats are external factors. To determine the strengths of your company, consider various ways that its products can be superior to others. See if your services are more comprehensive. What is it that gives your business an edge over your competitors? On the other hand, weaknesses can be operating in a severely saturated marketplace to lack of experienced staff.

If you already have a website or social media, it is time to start tracking your statistics! Don’t wait, it is an absolute essential. This will give you a better understanding of your customer’s behaviour and help you define your goals.

Be Specific With your Calgary Marketing Goals

Being specific will help you create a detailed and successful Calgary marketing campaign. If you can consider more than one goal if you want to be highly specific. Write them down then go through a process of removing the goals that are not so relevant to your business. Combine any goals that are similar and form one goal. The principle is to kill, keep and combine.

Take an example like growing your footprint, consider things like natural search share, online mentions and fans. You can be specific for example let’s say you require 20,000 visitors, plus 500 leads, and 12 clients in the next twelve months from your inbound marketing campaign in order to achieve your revenue goal of 600,000 USD. You can say you would like to get 2 customers from your current client list via email marketing or you can say you would like to add qualified leads to your mailing list so that you can keep them warm for future sales.

Set Quarterly Goals

As your business grows and changes so will your goals. That is why it is essential to reaccess your plans on a quarterly basis. This will help hold you and your team accountable and make adjustments where it is needed.

If you are just launching your own business, remember that getting suitable results will take time. You will get more traction in the 4th quarter than in the first. Make sure your benchmarks for Q4 are much higher than that of the first quarter. Take an example, let’s assume your quarterly benchmarks can include generating a thousand visitors in quarter one and eight thousand visitors in Q4. Set benchmarks for your metrics down to new customers. Ensure that you include the metrics for other key business goals.

Track Results

To track the results of every goal you set. Make sure you get the baseline data for these metrics and insights from the impact of your previous activity. Understand where you are now and set your goals accordingly. Don’t be shy, include a list of your targets, either weekly or monthly according to the duration of your campaign.

Now that you have the data it is time to narrow the original goals you set out to achieve. Set new targets for each metrics for appropriate time periods. With your primary goal in mind, set realistic growth expectations for Calgary marketing plan. This is certainly something you should revisit from time to time before completing the planning process.


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