4th Nov 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Company

The days of traditional marketing channels and companies are numbered as more and more companies are going digital as the day progresses. In the United States itself, 88 out of 100 people have access to internet facilities and a bulk of that population regularly uses the internet. With such prospects at hand, companies are now using digital marketing to gain and convert more leads while also increasing their ROIs. Whilst there was once a time when only big corporate players could afford digital marketing companies, times have drastically changed and nowadays it’s common for small businesses to hire digital marketing companies for their marketing projects. Do all these sound vague to you and not convincing? Well, read on to find out 5 reasons why you should be hiring a digital marketing company in today’s world, for today’s marketing:

Better ROI

Investing in a digital marketing company gives you a much better ROI than investing in a traditional marketing company. The reasons for this to happen are very simple. Traditional marketing works by a ‘Spray and Pray’ method, which means that you cannot effectively measure who sees your ads and where it is going to go, so for example, you may spend a lot of money in printing flyers and distribute them all over the city, but chances are that only three out of ten flyers will be reaching your intended target audience base which means that the money that you are going to be spending for the rest of the flyers are effectively going down the drain – not to mention the cost and environmental impact.

A Digital Marketing Company, on the other hand, can deliver ads specifically to your target audience base, so for example, if your marketing channel is Facebook and your product is a cool new hoodie for high school teens then you want to circulate the ad to people living 10 miles within your location of business; a good digital marketing company can design an ad that appeals to the teens, then they can write interesting content, post it on your Facebook page and advertise it through Facebook in a targeted way so that it only reaches high school students within the age range of 16-18 living within 10 miles of your point of business. Afterward, you can then monitor how the ad is performing and adjust accordingly.


Human resources can often be a very big problem in traditional marketing cases, reeling back to the aforementioned example, suppose you want to distribute 10,000 flyers across a 10-mile radius from your point of business, you will be needing a substantial amount of manpower and time to get the whole process moving and completed. But when it comes to a digital marketing company, a marketing company can release this campaign digitally within 24 hours’ time and you can start getting results from the next day.

Automation not only makes the whole process cheaper, but it also speeds up the process, keeps it error-free and ensures that you get the best-optimized results – if you know how to use it. 

The Perks of Being Able to Monitor your Campaigns

A decades-old complaint from most business owners is that they don’t really think that their marketing dollars are working out. Digital Marketing sidesteps that problem since your marketing companies can now give you the results of different digital marketing campaigns and you can see what’s working and what’s not. Moreover, since people actively engage with digital ads, these reports can also tell you what your target audience base thinks about your products and how well-received an individual product is in your target market.

From social media to search engine optimization, there is a vast suite of tools available for digital marketing companies to monitor their campaigns and use the data in order to prove that their campaigns are working. If they aren’t, you can easily save money by quickly shifting to another strategy without losing any significant sums of money.

You Don’t want to fall behind

In today’s world, it’s safe to say that regardless of which sector you are in, you must have a competitor who’s digitally active and unless you are fine with losing a bulk of your business to your competitor, you need to go digital as well!

It’s the Cheaper and Stress-free Alternative

It’s tempting to feel that you can do the digital marketing part of your business by yourself or by hiring a team of digital marketers. For the first part, it would be a big NO because you simply don’t have the time to digitally market your business; it requires a large amount of commitment and effort to totally control the digital marketing aspect of your business, something that you might lack while focusing on other aspects of the business. For the latter, well you may hire digital marketing experts, but then you are also going to have to hire graphic designers and content writers; and after hiring, you need to buy them the necessary hardware and software to pull the job off.

All in all, it will cost you a lot more than hiring a digital marketing company, both in short and long term.