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15 Dec 2015

Creative Graphic Design: 8 Ways to Reignite Creativity

Creativity is one of the defining human attributes. It allows us to express, innovate and progress as individuals and as a culture. Calgary designers understand the importance of imagination in the creative graphic design process. Thinking creatively may come naturally to some and to others it can be a learned skill. Learn how to overcome roadblocks that prevent you from tapping into your inner genius with these 8 creative graphic design tips.

Working in a creative industry can be challenging at times! Graphic designers must wear many hats as they will find themselves juggling project timelines, client relations all while trying to produce creative graphic design. Creating new and innovating content is fulfilling but can seem impossible when you are experiencing a creative block. Overcome your stagnant workflow by testing out these 8 approaches:

Take a Break:

Taking a break is proven to improve your focus! If you’re feeling a creative block, step away from the computer! Take a quick nap, get some fresh air, play a video game. All these give you space and time you need to refocus! There is nothing better for a creative block then a fresh set of eyes.

Try a Different Approach:

If you have been spinning your wheels on the same portion of a project, it’s time to find a new approach. Step outside of the box and attack your task in a way that you haven’t before. That may mean straying from your original plan and trying something off-script. Don’t be afraid to break a few rules.

Get an Outside Perspective:

At times, we can be our own worst enemies. If you are feeling stuck, ask a coworker or peer for their opinion! Often, they will pitch an idea you haven’t considered. If you don’t have the luxury of someone to bounce ideas off, try changing your own perspective. Ask yourself “How would Saul Bass approach this?”. This shift in perspective may be what you need to think unconventionally. If you’re looking to get into someone else’s frame of mind, familiarize yourself with these lessons from famous graphic designers!

Change Your Environment:

Breaking free from your environment can give you the boost you need to overcome a creative block. A fresh environment can spark new inspiration. Head to a library or a coffee shop and let the creative juices flow!

Get Inspired:

When you’re feeling a block, it’s time to get inspired. That may mean checking out your favourite artist’s recent work or listening to some stimulating tunes. Consuming other artists work can ignite your passion for innovative art.

Eliminate perfectionism:

At times, creatives can get hung up on the smallest details. If you are struggling with one aspect of a project, keep going and come back to the troubling detail later. After all, your first draft shouldn’t be your final draft. Often, getting all your ideas down on paper can help you move your idea along.

Write it Down:

Get all your ideas down on paper! This will clear your mind and may turn into the solution you are looking for! As stated above, eliminate your need for perfection. Come up with lots of different solutions. Don’t dismiss an idea until you’ve got it down on paper! You never know where a quick brainstorm session will take you.

Create Something Every Day:

Build a habit of creating something new every day. Developing this ritual will keep you on the top of your game and will train your mind to think creatively. It is also great for expanding your portfolio.

If you’re still having trouble overcoming roadblocks, we can help. Click Here to learn more about our creative graphic design process.