1st Apr 2019

How to Use Emotional Design Techniques to Improve Your Website

The digital age has prompted many businesses to create an online platform. Websites allow companies to reach their target audience, promote their products and conduct other business transactions. Clever brands utilize Calgary web design to engage the users and convert them to customers. The interface elements used in the creation of a website can make it attractive and improve the overall user experience.

So you may be asking, “What is an emotional design?”. Emotional design enables UX/UI designers to create interfaces that can elicit an emotional response from the users. Through these design techniques, the designers can use interface elements such as colours, layouts, images, and text, to deliver positive feelings. Calgary web designers can apply these techniques in the creation of improved and pleasurable UX for websites and apps!

Why Is Emotional Calgary Web Design Beneficial?

A website that has a competitive advantage over others can facilitate the growth of a business. An emotional interface can engage the users of a website and even influence their perception. The emotional design techniques enable UX/UI designers to elicit positive emotions such as happiness and trust from users. Depending on the context of a website, some designers may include negative emotions such as anxiety, fear and sadness.

The emotional response triggered by the UI design can enhance the UX and also boost sales of products promoted on the site. Calgary web design includes emotional interfaces that can improve user experience, create loyalty, and coerce users to take action. Such designs can make the users’ visits to the sites memorable and encourage them to keep visiting. The designers take into consideration the emotions they want to evoke from users while creating the sites. These feelings can influence users’ perception of the products and lead to higher conversion rates.

Customers tend to use products they like many times. They often continue to use it until they come in contact with another product that they feel is better than the former. The ability of a website to engage a user will determine whether the person will continue to use a product or replace it with a new alternative. Creative interface elements can attract users to a website and influence their assessment of your products.

A web design that offers better user experience can make a website stand out among competitors. Besides attracting users and increasing traffic, it can lead to higher conversion. Due to the better UX offered by such sites, users will keep visiting them and spend longer periods on them than on other websites. Eventually, the increased sales will support the growth of the business that owns the website with emotional interface design.

Emotional Design Techniques For Your Website:

Creative and impressive emotional interfaces can make your website/app UI attractive and also offer a better UX. They can engage the users and convert them to your customers! Creative use of interface elements such as layout, colours and even images can compel users of a website to take action. The following emotional design approaches can help you evoke the appropriate emotions from users.

Visual elements

Visual elements can easily elicit emotions from users of a site. UI/UX designers can use colours, layouts, images, and other visual elements to incorporate emotional design when developing websites.

Colours can attract the attention of online users to a site and retain visitors. Yellow and red colours can attract users and make them feel happy when on your website. Besides, blue, black, and green can keep them longer on the site since these colours trigger the feeling of comfort, peace, and freedom.

It can be annoying to receive a 404 error message. However, blue and white theme colours used for a 404 error page can calm you and help ease your disappointment when you receive such message.

Contrast and groups: The inclusion of various groups and contrasts of visual elements can also make the user interface appealing. Calgary web design integrates colours, photos, and various sizes and placements of other visual elements to improve the user experience.

Layout: Make your web/app interface user-friendly by using clear layouts or typography. Besides making the interface attractive, it will also allow quick access to information on the site.

You can also optimize your web designs with other visual elements such as grids, videos, animation and shapes. Besides, humorous texts can catch the attention of users and make them laugh.

Unique theme and design: Users will have a better impression of your products if the theme and design style of your website/app interface is exceptional. Choose a design approach that enhances the user experience, offers faster-loading speed, and enables users to easily find information.

Well-designed microcopy: Text design coupled with personified icons can be used for emotional connection with users.

Creative and smart interactions: A web interaction design can offer a better user experience. It allows users to complete tasks such as making a purchase on the website. This technique is useful in Calgary web design for engaging users. The integration of colours and animation in the interaction design can improve the user experience.

Use creative ideas to make your website exceptional, improve its UX, and trigger emotions from users. Animations, colours, humorous words, and even photos can attract the attention of users and evoke an emotional response from them. Calgary web design incorporates emotional elements in web designs to attract and retain users.


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