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16th Sep 2019

Calgary Video Marketing: Why Vertical Video Is on the Rise

Pulling your phone out of your pockets to record a video clip only takes seconds. Most times, the angle of your phone is the least of your concerns. For many years, holding your phone sideways was the norm. However, portrait mode videos have began to take over. As technology and social media platforms develop and change, so does the way we capture and produce content. Today we are going to discuss how to optimize your Calgary video marketing by incoprporating vertical videos into your strategy.

What Is Vertical Video?

Vertical videos (also known as portrait mode) generally have an aspect ratio of 9:16, which results in a tall video with less width. For years, the horizontal viewing mode has been the traditional way of watching videos on mobile. However, the increased usage of smartphones has resulted in the rise of vertical video dominance. Viewers no longer want to tilt their phone sideways to watch a video, they prefer to view it in portrait mode.

Why You Should Use Vertical Video:

It is better for mobile viewers

Vertical videos are better for mobile viewers as it eliminates the need to change the orientation of the phone. Although turning the phone in order to change its orientation might seem easy, the production of videos that eliminates the need to do so makes the process absurd in the first instance. In fact, a recent study has shown that mobile-users tend to use their phone in the portrait mode 94% of the time.

Social platforms are embracing the format

As new trends arise, social media platforms take time to listen. They look to improve the user’s experience by incorporating these trends into their interface. That is exactly what transpired with the evolution of vertical videos. These videos are here to stay. They are been rolled out on all social platforms, which is quickly phasing the use of horizontal videos of the digital screen.

Big social giants such as Snapchat have championed the use of these video formats on its platform. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have followed suit. In fact, vertical videos are now optimized for use on desktop screens.

It performs better!

Don’t just adopt this trend because the masses are doing so, consider how this can benefit your customers and your brand. Your aim is to reach your audience in the best way possible. Ensure the format you’re using is engaging your audience in a way that appeals to them. That is exactly what vertical videos does right now.

A report reveals that vertical videos on Snapchat are viewed nine more times than their horizontal equivalents. On Facebook, it is revealed that ads recorded vertically increase engagement with users. At present, vertical videos are winning on all fronts, from unique views, reach swipe-throughs, click-throughs, completions, and ad recalls. Vertical videos are positively received by consumers than their horizontal counterparts. Brands that have adopted the use of vertical videos are perceived to be more innovative by 65% of consumers. Even an amazing 79% of consumers who barely use videos consider vertical videos as better options.

Where to Use Vertical Video:

Most social browsing is done on a mobile device and social media platforms have largely embraced the use of vertical videos. The orientation of mobile phones is vertical, encouraging social media platforms to adopt the use of such videos. Concisely, social media platforms are increasingly using vertical videos, as they are more compatible with the devices of their users. You must consider this factor before embarking on Calgary video marketing campaigns.

Instagram stories, live videos and Snapchat are some of the perfect spots to drop your vertical videos that market your brand!

How to Record a Vertical Video:

The platform that you are uploading to will best determine the position of your phone. It is best to keep the video horizontal if you are uploading YouTube. Nevertheless, if it is a Snapchat post or Instagram live story, your marketing effort will be best served by using the vertical view.

The emergence of vertical video is changing the mode of Calgary video marketing. Reflect on what is best suits your target audience how it affects your marketing decisions. The chances that your target audience have joined the vertical video trend is higher than ever before! Therefore, you have to adapt your marketing efforts to match the experience of your customers.