25th Oct 2017

Calgary Social Media Marketing: How to Create a Strong Visual Brand

It goes without saying that Social Media and its several platforms are a very vital tool for marketing. Every business should have adequate representation on social media to create and publicize your brand. However, as great as social media is for marketing, it is also crowded. It is very easy for your Calgary Social Media marketing efforts and your brand to be drowned in the noise. You have to make conscious effort to make your brand stand out and be noticeable. Here is how to use Calgary social media marketing to create a strong visual brand.

One of the best ways to be noticed is through visual content. This includes graphic designs, pictures, infographics and other kinds of images.

Below, we discuss 5 ways you can create a strong visual brand on social media.

  1. Create unique and memorable content.

There are several ways to get the attention of potential customers on Calgary social media. But even the best methods will fail if your content isn’t great. Content is said to be king and there no place where this is truer than on Calgary social media marketing.

When your potential clients scroll through a social media platform, Instagram for example, your images must be able to make them stop and look. The images you use will have to play the part of a hook. This hook will depend on what your brand is and who the target is. The idea is to shock your viewer but at the same time make them inquisitive.

When creating visuals for social media, it is essential to ask if anybody will remember your visuals ten minutes after seeing them.

A picture of a cup of coffee may not stay long in the memory but a picture of a cat holding a cup of coffee would stay longer in the mind.


  1. Design an experience, don’t just sell a product or service.

There are too many people trying to sell things on social media that users have become inundated and may not be willing to see another visual selling them something. You have to be subtle about selling your business. You cannot stick it in the face of users.

Instead of talking about your products or services alone, create an experience around it. You must remember that your users are emotional and will connect more with something that stirs their emotions.

Remember the ‘ice bucket challenge’. The campaign was to raise awareness and donations for ALS. Most people probably would not be much interested in ALS on its own but with the experience of the ‘ice bucket challenge’, people got the message. Celebrities got involved, billionaires got involved, everybody got involved. This is a great use of Calgary social media marketing.

A contest can be a way to create an experience around your brand. Another way to create an experience around your product is to show people using your product for fun activities. People who are interested in these activities will show more interest in your campaign and they will get to know your product without it being forced down their throat.


  1. Give your visuals a plan and purpose.

It is necessary for your brand to be represented on social media and you should market on social media. But it is important not to post visual media on Calgary social media marketing platforms just for the sake of doing so. You must plan and your posts should have a purpose.

What do you want each post to achieve? It is important to ask this question because it will guide you through the process of designing and publishing.

Your visuals can have different purposes. Some visuals will introduce a brand, a product or a service. Some visuals are to simply provide new information about a brand that is already known. Others may have nothing to do with the brand but they engage people who are already connected to you.

Knowing the purpose of a visual will guide how it is designed. It will determine the colour used, the font and the size. The purpose of the visual will also determine how, where and when it is published. If you don’t know or have a purpose for your design, your audience probably wouldn’t either.


  1. Choose your best colour palette

Colours have a lot to say about your brand and choosing the right colour palette can make or mar your visual representation on social media. The colours you choose tell their own stories about your brand.

Have you noticed that most social media platforms use the colour blue? It’s not a coincidence.

It is great if you can select a particular set of colours and stick to them. That way your design can be recognized by your colours, it helps your brand recognition.

Your colours should represent the type of brand you are promoting. Formal brands like law offices, government agencies will not use a lot of red in their designs. The same way a fashion brand won’t have designed using grey and white colours alone.


  1. Inspire action and be consistent

One of the major keys to impact on Calgary social media marketing is consistency. No matter how great your content is, you will not stay in the mind of users if you are consistent with your message. As said earlier, users are constantly being fed information on social media, it is easy for them to forget about you. Your campaign has to be like drops of water that break a rock by constantly dropping on the spot. Hopefully, your impact will be faster than the water drops.

It is not enough to always post on the different several social media platforms, your timing should also be consistent. This may not be always possible, but it will be great if users knew the time of the day and day of the week when you post. This helps because even if they are not online when you post, they can always come and check your page. It also builds anticipation in them.

It is also essential that your post inspires action in your viewers. Depending on the purpose of the design, there should a call to action on every post. They have seen your visual design, now what?

It is also essential that your post inspires action in your viewers. Depending on the purpose of the design, there should a call to action on every post. They have seen your visual design, now what?