31st Jan 2018

Calgary Social Media Marketing: Your Friend the Hashtag

The internet is a wide and deep ocean and there are loads of information on it. Calgary Social media marketing is full of noise. With so many people saying so many things, how do you find the right information? How does a potential client find you and what you’re saying on social media?

Hashtags are an easy way to find and be found. Since Hashtags first showed up on Twitter, businesses have been making use of them. Here are a few reasons why you should use hashtags.

  1. Calgary Social Media Marketing Will Get you Noticed by the Right Audience

Without a hashtag, your post is lumped with every other post on social media. There are several posts for people to sift through and people looking for your service may never find you.

When a social media user wants information about something, they search particular hashtags. Hashtags get your posts organic reach.

For example, if you use hashtags such as #Graphics #GraphicDesign, it becomes easier for people searching for graphic works to find you. The advantage of this is, the people who will find you by searching will be people already interested in what you do. If the post was selling a product, your conversion ratio will be higher than a post without a hashtag.

  1. Calgary Social Media Marketing Will Build a Community

Using a hashtag will help you reach more people than you currently have on your current network. As already explained above, people can find you by searching. If they find your post useful, it may convert to a follow. This can help you increase the number of people who follow your work or your business.

You can join discussions relevant to you and talk to people who are not even following you.

  1. Calgary Social Media Marketing Will Build your brand

When you use the right hashtags, you get noticed. Use the hashtag consistently and you become known for that particular topic or service. The more times people find you on a hashtag, the more they begin to notice you. If they don’t follow you the first time to find you, they will when they find that you are a consistent voice for what they are interested in.

You can use several hashtags on platforms such as Instagram and others such as Twitter only allow a few. Whether you are using a lot or a few, it is important that you have one or two that you use consistently. It is a way to build consistent credibility in the field.

Please note, use hashtags when relevant to your post. You don’t want a reputation as a scam.

  1. Calgary Social Media Marketing Keeps you on Trend

Trends are an important benefit of hashtags. Several social hashtags have become trends that have made an impact even offline. When there is a trend going on in your industry space, hashtags help you notice them.

For example, if there was a new trend among graphic designers, following the #Graphics or #GraphicDesigner hashtags will help you find them.

If there is a hashtag trending in your industry, using the hashtag will drive more traffic your way.

The Right Way to Use Hashtags for Calgary Social Media Marketing

For your hashtags to have the maximum impact, there are certain things you should note.

  1. Use Unique Hashtags

If you are going to create and start using a hashtag, look around and make sure that it is not already in use. The hashtag may have been used before but it should not be in constant use. You cannot use generic hashtags like #graphics.

  1. Keep Them Short

Keep your hashtags short and simple. You want something that people are likely to search. The brevity of your hashtag makes them easier to remember. There are some platforms, such as Twitter, that allow a limited amount of character. Using a long hashtag already takes the space where your post should be.

  1. Use Capitals Well when Using Long Hashtags

There are times when you need to use long hashtags. Long hashtags are usually sentences or phrases that will still resonate with people who read them. When using these long hashtags, capitalize each word so that it is easy to read.

#SaySomethingGoodAboutTwitter is an example of how a long hashtag is properly written.

  1. Use Trends Wisely

When a particular keyword in your industry is trending, use it to get more coverage. Always check what is trending on each social media platform and see how you can include them in your posts. If a trending topic doesn’t go with your brand or your post, don’t force it.

  1. Understand Hashtags across Different Platforms

Each social media platform has the way hashtags work. Twitter has a 280 character limit so you should use two or three hashtags at the most. Google + suggests hashtags which you don’t have to use if it does not fit your post. Use just a couple of hashtags on Facebook, at most. Instagram is where you can go crazy with hashtags. You are allowed to use as many as thirty.


If they are used in the right way, Hashtags can strengthen your connection on social media. It can also help you promote your content and campaigns more effectively.