12th Nov 2018

Calgary Social Media Management For Professional Companies

In today’s market, social media has been an indispensable tool. In fact, studies have shown that it can help strengthen the marketing campaigns of businesses and significantly enhance their SEO efforts. Calgary social media management is one of the best ways to reach your customers, prospects and potential business partners. In recent years, businesses whether big or small have to make a decision regarding how social media fits into their larger marketing mix. Hence we will highlight the importance of Calgary social media management to your business. The ways in which professional companies can use Calgary social media management as a tool to promote their business include:

Set Goals

This is probably the foundation of all tips. It essential to set goals when it comes to Calgary social media management. You need to know why you have decided to create social media profiles for your company and what goals you intend to achieve in the end. For example, you can set goals like increasing your customer engagement, increase your brand awareness, or even gain new business or draw prospects using social media. Once you have defined your goals, you will be able to take full advantage of Calgary social media management to the benefit of your business.

Choose Your Networks

In order to take full advantage of the social media for your business, you must understand that you don’t necessarily need to be active on every social media page. In fact, if you decide to follow this path your social network profiles may suffer because you probably won’t be able to meet up. So it is essential to keep things simple. Why not focus on social media platforms that are particularly relevant to your business. For example, if you are strictly professional like as a doctor or law office, you may consider LinkedIn. The same thing applies if you are into marketing or media, you can stick to Twitter. Again if you have a specific aesthetic, picking Instagram may be perfect to showcase what you do.


It is paramount that your brand is consistent with your social media pages. For example when you see a brands page and what they showcase on it is outdated content from 2016, and we are in 2018, you need to ask: does this reflect well on their enterprise? Why do they have outdated posts? Keeping or publishing only evergreen or current up to date posts on your social media pages will show your clients that you follow through. It will promote you as a business that is committed to specific projects. Why not set a posting goal relating to something that will work for your business? If you are always too busy to post content multiple times daily, why not try to post only once per day, or every other day you can. Remember, the focus here is on quality and not quantity.


Whether it’s social selling, customer support or content marketing, the social media gives you a perfect platform to reach your target audience inevitably building your brand. Remember that visuals play an essential role in social media branding. For example, if all the profiles on your social media pages look like they’re owned by different company’s, it becomes difficult for your users to determine your own brand. You must ensure that your branding is consistent across all your social media channels. This will, in turn, help your prospects to immediately recognize your business no matter which website or app they are using to access your page. Make sure your pages are cohesive. Decide on your colours, voice, fonts and filters. Remember to create custom icons and banners that are responsive. Let them be based on a minimalistic, sleek design that will clearly showcase your message.

Set Social Media Guidelines

There are many guidelines that come with using social media to the benefit of your business. If you want to attain the success you need to set these guidelines and stick to them. Because social media has become arguably the best way for businesses to reach their target audience and engage their customers, as a business owner who has adopted this option it is essential to follow the process. The process that you have set out to achieve your goals using social media. Social media is a powerful opportunity for your business to reach new leads and grow. Hence setting guidelines on how you can use the platform is essential. Remember to intimate your entire team about your guidelines so that they can adhere to them.

Prompt Responses

Yes! Social media gives your business the chance to interact more with your customers and increase your exposure as well as branding. If you take full advantage of the social media you will find that giving your clients prompt responses when it comes to customer care is essential. This is true because it will build the trust your audiences have on your business. They will believe that you know what you want and what you are doing. Hence promptly responding to matters affecting your clients is a must when running a professional social media profile for your business.

Emergency Response Plan

Do you have an emergency response plan for a crisis scenario? Have you envisioned such a situation? What will be your team’s response to a crisis? It is essential to make sure you know your plan before you reach the point an emergency. You must ensure that your team is aware of your emergency response. Decide how your business will respond to criticism in such situations.