3rd Apr 2015

Calgary Social Media Agency

What is a social media agency?

Social media is nothing new – but the power it wields seems to continue building however old it gets. When the different social media platforms began to be launched they captured the imaginations of the internet public and slowly the way businesses sold their products began to change. Marketing is all about listening and adapting to your audience, but before the rise of social media, it was all about telling your audience what they needed. Social media gave the power of purchasing over to the people and as that power was seized and without knowing it, people began to take on the responsibility of educating themselves as to what they needed. Marketing had to change and adapt, or risk becoming out of touch with their audience.

One way that marketing companies adapted was to change into a social media agency, or have an element of their company that specialized in social media marketing. Whether it was called a social media agency, a social media company or a social media management studio it all amounted to the same thing – marketing companies were creating a niche that revolved around social media. They were getting used to it, working with it and making sure that when the time came that they had the leverage to maximize its full potential.

What is a Calgary social media agency?

A Calgary social media agency is pretty much like any other Calgary grown product, accessible, fully adapted and with a local knowledge that makes any campaign more effective, so it makes sense that a Calgary social media marketing project completed by a Calgary social media agency is much more effective. If social media marketing is all about listening to your audience and gaining trust, then someone local is in the perfect position to be able hear, learn and interpret what is important and turn it into a success for your company.  

What makes a good social media agency?

When looking to work with a social media agency you need to consider a few points:

  • This relationship will last a long time, so make sure you do enough research to select the right marketing company at the beginning.
  • Have goals in mind. Think about where you want to go and how you want social media to contribute to that goal.
  • Think about the image you want to represent on social media as this will have a bearing on which platforms are used, and how they are used.
  • Make sure you have a strong brand or company image as it makes for serious marketing collateral.

When you have thought about these elements and what you want, then you can move on to research.

How do I find an excellent Calgary marketing agency?

Draw up a list of those marketing agencies that are near you as you may have to pop in and see them on occasion, and then look at these things:


Look at how active they are on social media, and how their customers react to them. Look at their relevance of subject and to their frequency of posting, also look at how engaging their content is. Many social media marketing companies will claim to be experts in social media management – but don’t run any social media suites themselves. This speaks volumes about their interest and experience.


All marketing companies will have some kind of portfolio they can show you so that you can see how they handle social media accounts. They will also be able to tell you how many hours it took, what they did, what their goals were and what their successes were. If they can’t – rethink their position on the list.


You may not be an expert in the apps, platforms and tools available for social media, but they should be. Ask about them. They should be able to showcase them at the drop of a hat and explain simply and confidently how they work. If there is a lack of tools they are missing out on working quickly and efficiently as there are many, many excellent apps out there that make the job much easier.


One of the best ways to keep an eye of the return on investment of a social media campaign is to track the metrics. Each platform and tool that they use has some way of measuring the activity and how it is useful to social media marketing. It is not hard to understand or explain, so ask about it. They should be able to tell you.


Look at the quality of the content they produce, and the quality of the fans they have. Only quality content engages fans and creates a loyal fan base. If they have both – you’ll be able to see it.


One of the most important relationships you will have is the person that manages your social media community as they will become the face of your company. The marketing company you choose should be able to provide you with a strategy of who they will use, and you should be able to see some of their work. The strategy will set out the path they will use to help your company achieve a strong social media presence and who will be managing it.

With careful consideration you can find a Calgary marketing company that will produce social media that will place your company the forefront of its industry.