25th Apr 2019

Digital Marketing: Calgary Mirco-Influencer Marketing

Social media is an effective marketing tool has given digital marketing an ever-changing face. Social Media has greatly impacted the relationship between brands and their customers, and there is no going back. One of the ways that social media has changed digital marketing is the introduction of the Micro-Influencer. You may have wondered “Who micro-influencers are and what their marketing potential is?”. You may be even more surprised to learn about brands and other businesses who have employed the use of micro-influencers to streamline their marketing services. This article will answer these questions and help you find micro-influencers and inform you on how to collaborate with them. Firstly, how does a Calgary micro-influencer differ from influencers?

What is a Calgary Micro-Influencer? 

A Calgary micro-influencer describes an individual with a sizeable amount of dedicated followers who are immense contributors to the social media page. This differs from the regular social media influencer who is a brand with a massive follower-base.

Qualifying into this category of being a Calgary micro-influencer is highly subjective. Any individual having between 1,000 and 100,000 followers on any social media channel may well fall into this category. Although they might be having a modest following-base, their influence is far from it. These influencers can be found within any niche, sharing a deep connection with their audiences.

What Is Their Potential?

In general, the massive follower numbers of a social media influencer’s page is eye-capturing and seem to count over any other factor. But in reality, the commercial success made by any influencer is determined by the level of engagements. Micro-influencer’s engagement is high because of their personal relationship with their audience.

Cost Effective:

Micro-influencers are very cost effective in the line of digital marketing when compared to their peers who charge more for brand engagements. They should be integral to any digital marketing campaign as they reach a wider audience for lesser rates.

Higher Audience Engagement: 

A micro-influencer may be having an average engagement rate of 7%, this means engagement with seven hundred persons from his follower base of 10,000. While an influencer may be having hundreds of thousands of followers with little engagement. Let’s say 1% out of 100,000 (i.e 1000) are really engaged. Considering the difference in engagement between both types of influencers is 300, the cost becomes a cause of concern. Comments, likes, and trust in influencer have been the metrics used in measuring engagement levels between audiences and influencers.

Viewed As More Authentic:

Micro-influencers have a personal presence, they are real to their audiences and are more authentic. Whereas, the celebrity status of contemporary high-profile influencers prevents them from engaging personally with most of their audiences. This can highly impact on the trust levels shared by their audiences for them.


How It Helps Businesses:

Brands are always looking for a way to reach a larger audience and micro-influencers already have these audiences engaged. They have established the trust needed to carry out successful business transactions. They’re not merely selling their audience on products or goods, they have built such trust and authenticity by telling their story. When a micro-influencer tells the story of a brand, their followers are more willing, likely and ready to listen to them. Such an effect is observed as a tweet from an influencer is responsible for 40% purchases made by Twitter users!

It’s not just local brands that are working with micro-influencers, Google, Chrysler, and Spotify are examples of brands utilizing the marketing strategy.

How To Collaborate With a Calgary Micro-Influencer:

When finding a micro-influencer, a brand may start by looking within its followers and identifying those who are already talking about their story and who will be in the best suited to continue doing so. They need to establish a relationship, engage such individuals and show appreciation. Such acts pull micro-influencers on board and determine how a brand will work with them.

A brand might decide to also give the influencer access to its social media account for a time period, or send the influencer products to sample and take photographs to display on their accounts. Micro-influencers can also create contents and allow the brands to share using hashtags.

Micro-influencers are readily available to every business regardless of the budget in place. It can still achieve the success of using celebrity influencers.


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