13th Jun 2018

Calgary Marketing: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business

Ideas are dime a dozen and everyone seems to have one. Innovative ideas, however, are rare. Having an innovative idea is the first step to creating a thriving business. There are a lot of steps you need to take to turn your idea into a viable and profitable business. Some of the steps you need to take are specific to some industries or some businesses. For example, to start a business related to medicine, you probably a degree and some certifications.  There are however some steps that apply across the board. Here are some practical steps you need to take when establishing your small business with Calgary marketing.

Calgary Marketing: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business

Be Passionate about the Idea.

The importance of passion cannot be overstated. Passion is the energy that drives to keep on going, it fills you with energy and excitement and anticipation. People see your passion and respond to it. Your clients and employees all mirror your passion.

Passion is the fuel that helps you see something through. When you are passionate about what you do, you can go on despite distractions, challenges and obstacles. Like they say, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’.

Being passionate about what you do is keeps you fulfilled. You will enjoy your life when you love what you do. There are several people who barely have the strength to get up on Monday morning and it mostly because they are not doing what they’re passionate about.

Listen to the Customer.

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if nobody buys it. Everybody successful business is built around solving problems for your customers. Entrepreneurs and inventors tend to live inside their minds and create products that spark their interests. The truth about turning your idea into a successful business is addressing your client’s problems or interests and making them happy.

Customer’s feedback is one of the ways to improve your products and services and produce something that will generate enough income to keep the business alive. Sometimes the best innovations to your business will come from listening to your customers. They are the ones using and paying for it anyway. They will tell you what they want and ways that you need to adjust your product and service due to their demand.


Your network, they say determines your net worth. This statement is true especially for a person just starting out in business. You need people around you for different reasons.

You need to connect with people who are in your industry or who have experience with how it works. These people can show you the ropes and even open doors for you. You need to network with successful people who are where you are planning to go.

You also need people who can partner with your business to move it forward. Some of these people offer services that complement yours and can introduce you to their customers. When you have them in your network, you can also have access to people in their network.

Don’t forget about partnering with non-competing businesses. These are businesses that are offering related services or products, but they aren’t in direct competition with you.

Think Outside the Box.

The ideas that win in the market are innovative ones. Some of the ideas that have changed the world were huge. Such as the aviation industry. However, there are other ideas that didn’t require the entrepreneurs to risk their lives, they just had to think outside the box. Facebook wasn’t the first social media platform neither was Google the first search engine. Success has come to these two companies because of their innovative approach to business. Your business cannot afford to do the same things everyone around is doing. Thinking outside the box is also important when it comes to your Calgary marketing plan, do something new an unique that will catch people’s attention.

Innovation in business begins with a thought; how can I do this better?

It is not enough to decide to reinvent the wheel, you have to be sure your new square wheel will deliver better performance than the round one. Thinking outside the box isn’t just doing something weird or different, it is doing something better.

Keep costs low.

One of the fastest ways for a business to fail is to run out of money. It is probably the single most popular reason why businesses fail. As a new business, you should ensure you keep an eye on your cash flow. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your costs low.

New businesses always make the mistake of comparing themselves to big businesses they see around. Google has an in-house masseuse, so they get one. Amazon has two boxes of Pizza at every meeting, so they get pizzas too. They rent a big building with expensive furniture and four secretaries. You cannot afford to do this when you’re just starting.

Spend as little as you can. Get only the things you absolutely need and keep your staff to the minimum. As you grow, invest the money you are making back into your business, it will pay off in the long run.

Invest in your Business.

If you want your business to yield the kind of results you desire, you need to invest in it. It is not enough that you have products or services to offer, you need to invest in different aspects of the business.

You may need to spend some money to brand your business. Calgary marketing initiatives, expansion of new tools and resources are all things that are going to cost you money initially but will pay off in the long run. You won’t be able to build your business without taking these steps. You may need to spend money to train your staff or get some training yourself. Sometimes, the investment you need to do may be to give away your first set of products so people can get a taste of what you have to offer.

Note that it is not an investment if it will not yield dividends for your business.


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