18th Feb 2019

Calgary Marketing Strategies for Spring

A great business plan for spring is not complete without comprehensive Calgary marketing strategies. Marketing is about how you choose to connect with your consumers. This includes how you present your products,  promotions and locations. Additionally, marketing is about how you create customer loyalty while increasing sales and your customer base.

Although here is Calgary it feels like the dead of winter, it’s not too early to start thinking about your Calgary marketing strategies for spring. Each season unique and brings with it, festivities and holidays. Here we view them as great business opportunities to help business owners strengthen the bonds they have with customers and, in turn, increase profits.

The following points listed below are key marketing strategies that you may explore this season;

Vibrant Color Schemes

It’s a new season and most importantly a season of bright and vibrant colours. We recommend you shake off those dreary winter grays and make use of colours like green, yellow, orange, sky blue etc. Colours that are bright and cheery. Give life to your Calgary marketing strategies by ensuring that there is never a dull moment. After all, there was enough white and dark blue in winter to last till the next.

Deliver your messages in brightly coloured texts and funky fonts that will leave your customers with a smile on their faces. In short, make it beautiful and make it classy.

Plan for Holidays and Events

Spring has a lot of holidays! THese offer you marketing opportunities to connect with your consumers. From Valentine’s day to Easter, Mother’s day, tax season, and end of college students winter semester. There are just so many to choose from, which is why we recommend that you focus on what is relevant to your demographic.

After choosing your holiday, decide your target audience. For example, Valentine’s Day focuses on lovers, couples, married people. Create offers and attractive media posts and messages that target that demographic. For mother’s day, release blogs or posts on gifts to buy for mothers, if you have products that can be marketed with the idea, go ahead and put them up as gifts that mothers may like.

With so many holidays available, it is up to you to be creative and make the best use of spring to sell by appealing to your customers.

Take Advantage of the Change in the Weather

The sun is out and the snow is gone! What better time to make the best of the wide open outdoors. If you are a business that has to do with the outside, like landscaping companies, cleaning companies or even automobile companies, you may embark on different promotions that encourage customers to participate. Giving them a chance to change windscreens or do landscaping at a better price, while still enjoying nature. For sports business, you should make the best of people’s eagerness to go back outdoors after the long and dreary winter.

Host an Outdoor Event

More than anything else, after winter, what people really want is a good reason to be outside. Take the initiative, host an outdoor even for the community or your customers. Competitions, discounts, special offers, anything that allows them to come and enjoy nature. You can’t go wrong with this strategy, with this you increase customer loyalty and have the chance to clear your shelves of any leftover winter merchandise, allowing you to focus on spring and the coming seasons.  Ultimately, whatever outdoor event you intend to host, must be fun and creative enough to leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Try Something New

Its spring, so you should also spring, try something new, do something different, be innovative, in short, surprise your customers.

It’s time to grow so put on your thinking caps and get creative with your Calgary Marketing Strategies, it is best to think outside the box. Take this chance to host that event this spring, release a string of new products, reintroduce yourself or reinvent your brand.

This way, you keep your customers on their toes always waiting for the next pleasant surprise from you. You may decide to start a social media campaign or a hashtag, Just be radical. Make sure spring does not leave you and your business, the same as winter did.

Update Your Website

Don’t leave it till tomorrow! Do it now! Nothing can be more disappointing for a customer than to get to the website and see the same graphics used for winter still here in spring. Imagine finding a Merry Christmas greeting post on the page when it’s already the new year, this is something that must NOT happen. Change your graphics, present new offers, you may have a similar template but be creative. Remember its spring already, use bright colours to make your page attractive and beautiful.  You should already have a graphic designer on hand or someone who works to help your business with the website, if you don’t, avoid procrastination and get one this spring. Make sure your website is user-friendly and most importantly, use bold texts and fonts that are funky yet, easy to read for everyone.

Make proper use of these Calgary marketing strategies this spring and see a bold turn around in your business and customer relations. Need help developing a strategy for your brand? Our team can help, click HERE to learn more.