4th Jul 2018

Calgary Marketing: How to Market to Moms

Mothers are an important demographic that many Calgary businesses are trying to tap into. Calgary is full of young moms that are looking for products and services to invest their hard earned money into. Regardless of your demographic, chances are you are marketing to women and mothers, here are some of our top Calgary marketing tips on how to market to mothers.

Women make the majority of the purchasing decisions in multi-person households and more often than not, that woman is a mom. Moms don’t only make purchasing decisions when it comes to baby items and groceries. Moms are buying electronic appliances for the house, hiring household services and so on. She is buying not only for herself but for her babies, her toddlers, her teenagers and every other thing that moves and breathes in the house.

Gone are the days when moms used to stay home, cook, clean and watch soap operas. Moms take charge in all areas of the public and private realm and they do so with the help of their smartphones. They use these to make most of their purchases and connect with other moms on social media. Places like Facebook and Mom blogs have become a place to gather and discuss and recommend products and services.

Marketing to moms in this modern era cannot be left to TV ads, businesses have to meet the moms where they are gathering. Just like any demography, you need to understand moms to know what they want and how to introduce your business to them.

Here are some things to note when marketing your business to moms.

  1. Study what works.

Look for businesses that are marketing their products well to Moms and check how they do it. Learning from how other people achieve Calgary marketing success with moms could help you gain success too. Some of these businesses may not be in your industry so it important not to copy blindly but to adapt what you see, take it as inspiration and make a list of what you like and what you dislike.

Studies have shown that moms prefer ads with a family theme and show moms as strong and self-sufficient people. It also helps to insert humour here and there. Keep these in mind when researching other Calgary marketing campaigns.

  1. Go for the emotions.

Most buyers, not just moms, make purchasing decisions when their emotions are moved. When marketing to moms, study what emotions moms want to feel and go for it. If you are making an ad for moms, it shouldn’t just be a rundown of the facts of your business, it should tell a story they can relate to. When you have a mom laughing or crying with you or you can evoke nostalgia in them, they are more likely to patronize your business.

  1. Time is important.

Moms are busy so if you want to keep a mom’s attention or engage her, you need to be brief. Make it useful and straight to the point. It is better to have a 30-second ad than a minute long ad that the mom walks away from before it ends. Be conscious that moms have a lot to attend to so you have to show some respect for their time. Think about ways your Calgary marketing campaign can catch their attention quickly, if you draw it out, you might just miss them.

  1. Social media is very important.

As stated earlier, moms spend some time on the internet and a large portion of this time is spent on social media platforms. Social media connects moms to and mom-bloggers and using them efficiently will help your business. Most moms on social media will be found on Facebook, the more tech-savvy ones use Twitter and Instagram. Reaching them through these platforms is a cost-effective way for your Calgary marketing campaign to connect with moms.

The opportunity to like and share on Facebook is also a good way for word about your business to spread. And since they are already talking about solving common mom-problems, your business may come up.

  1. Don’t just sell, be useful.

Some Calgary marketing plans fail because the plan is just to sell products and services. You have to be useful to the moms to gain their trust. It is not enough to market baby wipes or refrigerators, show them how they can improve their lives. Even if the help does not lead to a sale, it may gain you more loyalty from moms who trust you, your advice and eventually, your products.

If moms are your target, videos teaching moms how to do chores right or take care of their babies or combine being a business-person and a mom will draw their attention to you. Blogs with helpful tips, especially on matters about your industry will also draw them to you. Don’t wait until a mom becomes your customer to offer helpful advice.

  1. Take reviews.

Moms trust other moms’ judgement when it comes to products or services. They expect you as the owner of the business to be biased in your information. This means they don’t trust you and your marketing experts, they believe you are only saying what you’re saying because of the money you’re being paid.

However, if a mom sees another mom like her talk about your products and services, they mostly will accept that it is true. Reviews are important because they show your potential clients what you are able to do for them. You may get some negative ones but if your product or service is good, you will have a lot more positive reviews than negative ones.

Want to know more about marketing to moms? Check out this fantastic infographic that breaks down the numbers for you!

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