3rd Oct 2018

Calgary Marketing: Marketing for Fall

When creating your Calgary marketing strategy note that changes in weather conditions and temperatures can play a huge role in how you should structure your marketing strategy. Weather changes offer you an opportunity to update your social media pages and marketing campaigns and create specialized campaigns with holidays and weather in mind. Every season comes with something different to offer! Think about what makes each season unique when developing a Calgary marketing strategy. Every season offers different opportunities for businesses to flourish. Take full advantage of these campaign opportunities. Spring, summer, winter, and fall aren’t just seasons; they’re a new beginning.

With each season in the calendar year comes unique holidays, activities and events. These events and activities can cause consumers to behave differently. Which is why it is important for business professionals to pay very close attention to the behaviour of consumers in each season to realize the particular strategies that are worth exploring or focusing on to the benefit of their business. Let’s take an example, organizing a Calgary marketing campaign that involves promoting seasonal products typically used during that time of the year or promoting holiday sales because consumers will have the day off.

The type of Calgary marketing you do during each given season will ultimately depend on your type of business. Here we will be focusing on setting up marketing campaigns for fall. Fall like every other season offers numerous opportunities. Because of this, it becomes easy for business owners to get overwhelmed. By narrowing your focus to a couple of key holidays and dates you will be able to focus your efforts on creating an amazing campaign.

When beginning to strategize your fall marketing plan, ask yourself, “What makes fall special?”. While summer is typically categorized by longer days, crazy schedules and more vacations, fall marks the return to the regular routine, cooler weather and calmer months. Fall also offers a whole lot of holidays!


Arranging Your Calgary Marketing Campaign for Fall:

While the fall season isn’t exactly the beginning of the New Year, many people tend to treat it in that manner. This is because the enjoyment of the summer season is coming to a close, and for students, teachers and parents, it marks the beginning of a new school year. After fully enjoying the summer season, it’s time to celebrate fall. Consider the changes in weather, the colour of leaves and the number of activities that many people take part in during the fall season can help you plan your strategy this time year.

Important Dates to Consider During Fall:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Oktoberfest
  • Remembrance Day
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday

An Irresistible Offer
How will your business attract consumers this fall? Making them an offer that is difficult to refuse is one way to do it. You do free shipping. Whether you offer it intermittently or throughout the season, it can help your business get more sales during fall. You can also consider delivery promotions to appeal to last-minute prospects. Depending on your enterprise, get your business noticed with huge season sales or limited-time offers including free gift wrapping with purchases. Christmas is just around the corner, appeal to the early bird shoppers with a deal they simply can’t resist.

Update Your Banners
Make engaging graphics for your banners. Graphics are very important when it comes to seasonal marketing campaigns. Update banners on your Facebook, Twitter and your website. Consider creating a seasonal log! Have some fun with your creations, banners are easy to change and are sure to get you noticed.

Utilize Fall Colors
Using the colour common during the season is ideal when it comes to seasonal marketing campaigns. No matter how you feel about pumpkin spice, it is extremely popular at this time of year. This means you might want to incorporate it (or any other fall theme) into your campaign. Whether it is a pumpkin-scented candle or mask made with pumpkin, it will be smart to match your product to the fall season. Remember that creating something for fall is not the only option you will have. You can just switch up the way you market your products. For example, consider offering a gift set that is perfect for Christmas during Black Friday!

Get Involved in the Community
Getting involved in the community during fall for your marketing campaign can prove highly beneficial. From farmers markets to a number of holidays and shopping events, as well as festivals of different kinds. Fall is filled with a number of community events that you can participate in to help your enterprise flourish. One way to do this is through building a local presence. This will increase your exposure and make more people aware of your business.

Host a Themed Giveaway/Contest
Hosting or organizing promotional events or giveaway is one way to take full advantage of the fall season when initiating your marketing campaign. You can take advantage of one of the holidays in the season like Halloween and organize an event were whoever attends with a costume or puts on the best costume gets a gift or giveaway. Or consider simply hosting a Thanksgiving Giveaway to thank your loyal customers.


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