1st Nov 2018

Calgary Marketing: The Benefits of Surveys

Creating and distributing a survey can offer a fair share of benefits to your business and Calgary marketing team. It will allow you to gather unbiased feedback from clients and with this valuable feedback, you will be able to improve your business and create better experiences for your clients.

Market surveys or research reports will save you time and add credibility to your work, whether you are in the process of refining your business plan, compiling a presentation for a crucial client, or making recommendations.

From your first sale, the clock begins to tick. The question is; how do you ensure that your customer comes back? How can a market survey help you achieve this? Consumers are the lifeblood of all businesses. Without customers, there would be no business.

Calgary marketing teams spend a lot of money drawing new customers. A client who commits to buying your product will likely buy more. Although some customers choose not to return to a business, there can be many different reasons that they will discontinue their patronage. For instance prices, rises can alter their views. Some customers might search for a more cheaper deal or a new competitor could spring up overnight. Losing a customer can be swift and final. With the market constantly changing, businesses need to stay on top of customer trends. One way they can do that is customer surveys. Here are a few of the benefits of creating a survey:

Create a Survey to Gain Feedback

Conducting a survey will allow you to get to know your customer. Find out a survey retrieval method that will work well for you. Make sure your survey asks questions to determine why consumers purchase your products. Questions will help you determine why your customers dislike a product or service. Ask them what they want from your company or product. Try to know their buying habits. Assess their loyalty. Make sure your survey is simple to complete. Use only Yes/No questions. Short answer questions can also be valuable but people are less likely to complete them. Ask questions that help you discover what makes him/her tick? Why do they purchase your product? Why did he/she switch their allegiance to Business A, instead of your company? How can you make sure a customer stays with you for life? These questions and more will be answered following a survey. You need to ask the right questions to get appropriate feedback.

Distributing an Event Survey

Surveys can be useful when planning an event or party. You can choose to distribute the survey before the event to learn about your attendees and their expectations or hold a post-event survey to learn what people liked, disliked and wish you did differently!

A pre-event survey will help organizers know their attendees. Planners will need to understand their audiences in order to draw them. From hobbies to demographics, attendee details help organizers to plan based on the crowd’s interests. In the planning phase, creating a pre-event survey will quickly spark new ones. You can ask sponsors, guest speakers and donors for their preferences pre-event. You can also connect with event staff. Include a web survey to your event landing page so that visitors can share interests.

Post-event surveys are used by event plans to analyze the success of an event. Post-event surveys will unveil what went well so that you can replicate in future events, and decide what to change. In the end, understanding what worked and didn’t work is crucial to ensuring that your event marketing strategy only succeeds and improves.

Creating a Website Revamp Survey

If you have decided it is time for a site redesign it is recommended that you conduct a survey with your Calgary marketing team to identify the areas most important. Doing this before and after the site revamps will go a long way to getting it right. You can start by asking; how often do you go to the organization’s site? Are you a member of the organization’s site? How would you rate these aspects of the website? Can you find the information you need? Website experience survey is one to collect feedbacks from site visitors to learn the ways they assess their user experience!

Feedback on Their Experience

A customer feedback survey is a good way for Calgary marketing teams to know their consumer experience. It is a good way to know whether they’re doing the right thing and pursuing the correct avenues. For example, it will help businesses decide whether they should hire additional staff or enhance waiting time. Consumers who have an excellent customer experience are more likely to recommend your business to their friends. Hence when you get feedback on their experience you will be able to understand your customer likes, dislikes, and where improvements need to be made. If their experience is good, consider asking them to complete a Google or Facebook review. This will go a long way in securing new business.

Create a Short/Informal Survey on your Instagram Story

Instagram has recently created an option to run a poll in your Instagram stories. These must be simple because they have to be yes or no questions. This will give you immediate results right within the app. It won’t provide you with in-depth answers, but it is definitely the route to go if your Calgary marketing team wants answers quickly! Another bonus, it is fun for the customers! It makes them feel as if their voice is heard.

It is strongly recommended your surveys are kept short to encourage customer engagement. People don’t like spending hours completing a market survey, they will lose interest if your survey is lengthy. If are finding it difficult to get people to complete your market surveys, you can consider offering an incentive like a saving voucher or something similar.  Here are some platforms that can help you create a successful survey:


  • SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a world-leading survey platform that can offer your business specialized solutions which in turn make it easy to collect the opinions of people automatically and turn them into actionable leads. They offer different ways to put your drive your business forward by putting your curiosity to work.

  • Google Forms

Google forms have been widely used to design surveys quickly since they let you plan events, ask your employees or your clients’ questions and collect diverse information in a very simple and efficient way.

  • TypeForm

Typeform is built for versatility. With TypeForm you can make anything from a contact form to an online checkout or a complex IQ test. With TypeForm you can delight your respondents and keep them focused or engaged as they progress, with one question a time. It will be like a natural conversation. The goal of building TypeForm is to collect answers.

Not enough time to conduct your own Calgary marketing surveys? We can help. Contact our team today to learn more.