22nd Feb 2017

Calgary Marketing Agency: What Makes Them Stand Out

Calgary Marketing Agency: What Makes Them Stand Out


When hiring a marketing agency, it makes sense to choose a local option, especially if you run a brick and mortar store. Of course, there are logistical considerations, like being in the same time zone, or ease of contracting them on short notice. But there are many other reasons hiring a local advertising agency might be for you. Here are the 6 benefits you can reap by hiring a Calgary marketing Agency.


  1. They are in touch with the local demographic. When hiring a marketing agency, it makes sense to choose someone that knows the local demographic. Who better at marketing to Calgarians than a Calgary marketing agency. They are aware of who lives here, what their interests are and what values people in the city hold. There is no reason to waste time describing the people of Calgary to an outside third party when there are many qualified marketing companies in the city.


  1. They know what is trending in the city. For a native company, they have a good idea of what trends are going on right here at home. Not all pop culture transcends the city limits. A perfect example of something that is strictly Calgarian, is the Calgary Stampede. People from outside the city might not realize the importance of the Calgary Stampede to the local economy. A Calgary marketing Agency will have their finger on the pulse of the city and will be able to capitalize on what is trending right now, so your marketing plan stays up to date.


  1. They are on the same schedule as the consumer. If you choose a marketing agency outside of our time zone you may run into scheduling problems. Not only will their 9 AM to 5 PM availability be different than yours, (which can lead to communication problems) the way the schedule and plan your marketing strategy might not fit just right. Of course, a competent marketing agency would keep the time discrepancy in mind. The way we see it, why take the risk? Keep things simple and everyone on the same schedule.


  1. Small and Personable Agencies.

Another great reason to choose a local agency is that they tend to be smaller and more personable than large, multinational brands. When spending your hard-earned money on marketing, you want to feel as if your agency is invested in your success.  By choosing a small or midsized brand you can reap all the benefits larger marketing agency’s offer, combined with the personal relationship you build by working with a small team.


  1. They understand the local market. Calgary marketing agency will have been working in the city for years. They understand the local market and what works here. They will have made mistakes in the past and know what to avoid in the Calgary market. Just because a certain tactic works out east in Toronto doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same in Calgary.


  1. It supports local business. No one knows better than a small business owner the importance of supporting local business. By hiring a Calgary marketing agency, you are supporting the local economy and promoting growth in the city.


When it comes to hiring a marketing agency, it is best to keep it local. Lucky for you, Calgary has an amazing array of marketing agencies that offer everything you could want and more. So, when it’s time to look for a new marketing agency, look in Calgary first, you won’t be disappointed.