1st Jul 2019

Calgary Luxury Branding: What Makes a Luxury Brand?

You might wonder, what makes a luxury brand? Is it the price tag or how genuine the brand is? This Calgary luxury branding article will answer just that. Today we will discuss the fundamental aspects a brand needs in order to market itself as luxurious.


What Is a Luxury Brand?

A luxury brand, also known as a prestige brand is a brand that specializes mostly with luxury good. Luxury brands and their products are associated with high cost, luxury, experience or high quality.


What Sets a Luxury Brand Apart?

There are several factors that make a brand stand out as luxurious. They include:


In terms of what their goods offer, luxurious goods are unmatched. They surpass regular market standards in terms of quality. They are made of materials of higher grade and these products are built to last.


When the term luxury is used, it is very easy for the price of the item to come to mind. Although the price in itself does not constitute luxury, it is still a factor. But it is noteworthy that customers would readily dismiss a product that they view as overpriced.


Luxury states the identity of a brand. It is rare, so the customers of the luxurious brand will stand out from the pack when seen with such products. The uniqueness and stature of a product are well communicated through its luxurious looks. The design of a luxurious good would no doubt communicate the quality behind it.


The increased quality of a good describes an increase in material, ability and durability. These are realistic components. Hence, the product must be real. It must not only have an increased price tag but its increased price must be a measure of incorporating its increased qualities. The physical appearance of the product is another real component that is incorporated into a luxurious product.

No wonder luxurious goods have their looks distinctively set to separate them from others.

As luxury is being built on reality, it is also a mindset. Successful brands have not attained success only on the premise of making fantastic products; they have trained the minds of their target customers on the meaning of their brand. In effect, their customers are compelled to come back for further transactions.

This is in stark contrast to unsuccessful brands. They do not succeed as they do not get their customer base to believe in the meaning of their brand.

Calgary Luxury Branding:

Find a Niche

To create Calgary luxury branding, you have to map out a lucrative niche that you can market to. You also have to ensure that your brand is relevant to the lifestyles of your customers.

Offer Something Unique

Your unique offering must add value to your customer’s status. You have to set your brand apart from the pack in a way that will set your customers apart. This demands innovation. Create unique offerings that integrate status and innovation.


If everyone can access to your products, your brand would not offer the right level of appeal. In addition to this, your customers will not have a unique sense of feeling towards your business. Rather than limiting access or excluding people from your brand, this simply means that you should make your customers or loyalists feel part of your brand’s exclusive community.

Commitment to Quality

Presenting the highest level of craftsmanship and quality is the best way to connect to your customers. The highest level of commitment to the quality of your brand will keep your customers coming back for more.


Create an Experience

You must ensure that the entire experience of purchasing your products is luxurious. This means that you must cover all the bases from customer acquisition to follow up. Everything, from your marketing procedure to sales or even repairs must be sophisticated.


It is noteworthy that the product and its price is not what makes a luxury brand. It involves more. Still, the core values of a luxury brand must link the business and its workforce to the quality offered to its customers.