27th Dec 2017

What You Can Expect to See from Calgary Graphic Design in 2018

What you can Expect to See from Calgary Graphic Design in 2018

With 2017 coming to an end there are new Calgary graphic design trends taking center stage in 2018. Whether the designers are creating content for well-known brands or small businesses, there is something for everyone. In the upcoming year, you can expect to see bright colors, sketches, bold fonts, GIFs and much more. Don’t be surprised when you see a color change in this year’s designs.


When branding is done right, even something as minimal as a color combination can bring a business to the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Brands like UPS, IKEA, Facebook, all use distinct colors that make their brand recognizable to many. Calgary graphic design is a field that is constantly changing with the seasons and trends. So, let’s look at what will be trending this year among Calgary graphic design agencies.


  1. Use of bright colors.

It’s no secret that bright colors stand out and draw in the eye of the customer. This year, Calgary graphic designers will be using this tactic to catch the attention of their audience. Rich, bold colors, mixed with retro graphics, will be a sure-fire way to get your brand noticed in 2018. A fantastic example of this is Chobani’s rebranding. They embraced bold colors paired with a retro design which came together to give them a modern look!


  1. Responsive Logos

When thinking responsive logo, think of it responding to current design trends and styles. Over the last decade, there has been a steady movement towards the simplification of logos. Your brand’s logo should be refined in a way that it is versatile enough to be used digitally, in print, or on documents. You don’t have to completely do away with your old logo to look modern, it’s possible to make small adjustments with an enormous impact. Calgary graphic designers are experts when it comes to creating a simpler, modern and eye-catching brand.


  1. Gradient

Gradients are being used in a big way this year. Tone on tone gradients adds a level of interest to any design. Gradients evoke the same feeling you have when seeing a beautiful sunset. They create a sense of serenity and calm while incorporating the different stunning shades of an eye-catching color. The gradient effect is an amazing base for a Calgary graphic designer to build upon.


  1. 80’s and 90s Inspired

You might be seeing a trend developing… What was once old is new again this year with heavy inspiration coming from the 80’s and 90’s. While bold colors come straight out of the 80’s, the 90’s embraced more grunge vibes. Both will be major influencers in Calgary graphic design this year. Over the last couple of years, it is undeniable that the 90s have been coming back in a big way, especially in fashion. This year the 90s will be influencing design choices, keep your eyes open for vintage touches from your favourite brands.


  1. Animation

An illustration is one of the most celebrated fields for it has a unique taste and touch. A sketch done on a book cover, street, wall or T-Shirt tend to speak of the inter-relation between the image and the owner.

It takes effort and time to produce the finished product. In 2018 you can expect this talent to be taken into the digital realm. Animation and gifs will be used in all sorts of digital advertisements. If a picture is worth a thousand words than an animation must be worth a million.


  1. Typography

First things first, if you aren’t a graphic designer, you may not be sure what typography is. Typography is defined as “the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed.”.1 This art form has been around for centuries and you can expect it to take center stage this year. Calgary graphic design will take their time this year with their typography decisions because the way something is presented directly correlates with its effectiveness. Look out for some amazing typography both digital and hard copy.

The previously mentioned trends will be influencing the revitalization of older brands and the creation of startups. They all speak to the mood of 2018 and will influence design decisions made by Calgary graphic design agencies. In general, you can expect to see a vintage influence in all aspects of popular culture, including graphic design. What does that say about the popular opinion in 2018? Maybe we are all searching for the comfort of something antique in a world that is changing daily.

When hiring a Calgary graphic designer this year, give them the leeway to experiment with these trends, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.



1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typography