28th Jan 2019

Calgary Email Marketing: How Autoresponder Emails Can Improve Sales

Have you sent an email and got an automatic response, wondered how that came about? Or have you thought about a means of converting your potential leads to sales automatically? Autoresponders are exactly what you need to employ. What exactly are autoresponders? How are they used in Calgary email marketing campaigns? How do they affect sales? These are all questions we will answer when discussing how you can improve your Calgary email marketing sales.

What Are AutoResponders?

These are digital programs which respond automatically to emails. They are often used as a tool in Calgary email marketing to offer information to potential customers instantly. They can also be programmed to follow up at a predetermined interval. It can be used to target a set group of persons on your mailing list as a result of their online behaviour such as: joining your email list, buying a product, downloading a file or even abandoning a shopping cart. All it requires is a one-time setup in advance with the aid of the Calgary email marketing software.

How Do They Work?

Segments: Autoresponder email campaign works in segments as it is aimed at contacts on your mailing list. It commences when these individual contacts subscribe to your page or service you are offering. This means that your entire mailing list won’t receive a mail at this point in time till they subscribe to your list. Your autoresponder email campaign can be triggered when:

A contact comes across a ‘subscribe’ action/link in automation or an email which has a link action when ‘subscribe to list’ is clicked.

A form which you created in ActiveCampaign is submitted by a contact.

A contact is included on your list via API call. Also, note that 1 is the parameter of the Instaresponders [123] that must be set.

A bulk editor is used in adding contacts to the list

A new contact is created by an account user from Contacts overview page. To do this, the account user must ensure that he/she chooses the ‘send instant autoresponders’ for an autoresponder that is programmed to immediately send when subscribed to. This can be done when a new contact is created in the ‘advanced list option’.

A contact is subscribed to a list via their profile page.

Autoresponder sequence:

At a set interval, after subscribing to your list, autoresponders are sent to a contact list regardless of how they subscribed to your list. This autoresponder email campaign trigger won’t be sent to contacts subscribed to the list via copy and paste, or CSV importation.

Why They Are Effective in Calgary Email Marketing:

Autoresponders have been successful as they keep the conversation going, improving the interaction between customers and the business outfit. This has been achieved by

Relationship building- relationships develop when constant interactions between two individuals occur. This is so with autoresponders. Autoresponders sequence provides constant interactions with customers using high-quality contents severally, over a period of time. When your lead keeps paying attention to the contents being received, anticipating and responding to them, going extra miles by visiting your blogs, no doubt a relationship has been formed and with time, it gets stronger.

Acknowledgment: Autoresponders provides the first line of acknowledgement when a customer subscribes to your services. This gives the subscriber the feel of importance as they join your list. It also offers you an opportunity to show appreciation in return for being part of your list. Appreciation breeds loyalty and this will ensure that your visitors return over and over again.

Feedback- Another opportunity offered by any dependable autoresponder is customer feedback. This can be requested after engaging your customers with quality contents. They can use the comment section after being engaged or continue the interaction by mail. This will help provide you with further insight to relate better with them. It also gives numerous users an opportunity to interact based on your products or services.

Brand reminder: Many customers jump from one brand to another to find what suits them most. Autoresponder is a great way to remind customers of your brand, what you stand for, goals, mission and It puts you in the thinking line of your customers when they need to transact. This promotes a loyal customer base and will positively affect sales in the long run.


The efficiency of autoresponders is highlighted by its increase in usage. State of Marketing by Salesforce in 2017 showed that such automated marketing approaches are used by 67 percent of leading marketing brands. Another report also shows that 88 percent of marketers use such tools regularly and the amount spent on marketing automation will rise from $11.4bn in 2017 to $25.1bn by 2023 (Forrester forecast, 2018).


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