15th Apr 2019

Calgary Email Marketing: Practices You Need To Abandon Right Now

Email marketing continues to achieve unprecedented success in digital marketing. This is no exception to when it comes to Calgary email marketing. Whether it is aimed at sending promotions, tips or offers, email marketing is a hit among customers. Provided it benefits your recipient, it is well accepted and loved. These are some stats behind Calgary email marketing and they reveal why it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

91% of customers do check their email on their mobile phones for at least once daily.

A large number of decision-makers- about 64% read their emails using their mobile devices.

34% of mobile users and 37% of desktop users spend over 15 seconds reading their emails.

84% of individuals between the ages of 18-34 make use of mail preview functions.

About 71% of Internet users delete emails that do not properly display.

Email marketing’s amazing  ROI makes it a top choice among brands of all sizes.

What Are People Doing Wrong?

Email marketing is integral to digital marketing strategies. In spite of the level of success it has achieved, it has generated a large amount of marketing failure. About 70% of spam complaints are marketing emails. These frustrations come from improper use of email marketing. So, what exactly do you need to avoid to ensure you achieve success with this gold-plated marketing strategy? These are 5 email marketing practices you need to stop now!

Boring/ Generic Subject Lines

This is very crucial in determining if an email will be read or not. Most emails are deemed as spam, and it is very easy for a user to categorize any mail that doesn’t meet a set standard in that category. So, after getting your email directly to the inbox of your recipient, here is what you should know:

– Be very creative and clear with your subject line.

– Restrain from using spammy words. These include ‘buy,’ ‘limited time,’ ‘free,’ and all caps like ‘CLICK,’ and ‘REMINDER.’

– Use very short subject lines with not more than fifty characters.

Emails That Do Not Display Properly or Quickly

Not all email recipients can view the visual elements to a mail. Some can receive plain texts only, and you need to ensure you do not leave them behind. Limit the use of images and use proper ALT text for images to prevent your recipients from being clueless about what your image is about.

Misleading Content

Ensure the content of your email is in line with the subject of the mail. Do not mislead your recipient by promising to do one thing and delivering another. For example, if the subject line of the email is offering a free Ebook, the contents better contain it!

Using “No Reply” Emails

Using “no reply” disrupts engagement between the recipient of your mail and your brand. This is because they basically can’t reply to the received mail. You should avoid using “no reply” and identifying your business properly. Thereby, creating a platform for dialogue between your brand and your email recipients.

Unclear or No “Call-to-Action”

If you are sending a personal mail, you do not need a call to action. When marketing, this is so important in directing your audience to the next stage of business. Ensure that your call to action is present and clearly stated. Make your intentions known from the outset and guide your recipient through every stage.


Examples of Businesses Doing Email Marketing Right:

With their localization and personalization, Uber is building trust with its customers. They have a more personal relationship with their users and are getting their email marketing right. Dollar shave club who keeps its customers happy while laughing and HuckBerry who keeps educating its customers are other examples of brands killing it with email marketing. The key here is adding value to your emails! You must be offerign the customer somethign whether it is a deal or knowledge!


Planning your Calgary email marketing strategy properly will help you get the best out of your campaign. Avoiding these common mistakes will give you the best chance of success! If you’d like to learn more about our Calgary email marketing strategies, Click Here.