29th Apr 2019

Calgary Digital Marketing: Instagram’s IGTV

Instagram is one most popular social media platforms for brands that want to reach a wider audience. It’s web and app availability make it accessible to a large audience. It has developed many exciting features that increase engagement and user experience. These unique features make it an ideal tool for Calgary digital marketing.

Some brands find consistent, image-focused social media challenging. They struggle to implement a successful Calgary digital marketing strategies that make the most of platforms like Instagram. Instagram is constantly improving their features, allowing marketers to reach their audience in new ways. They have transitioned from images to incorporating Video, Stories and now, IGTV.

With the advent of the new IGTV feature, Instagram now allows users to upload long-form video content. IGTV is readily accessible to brands and can be used to reach your target customers.

What is IGTV

Due to consumer demands, Instagram created the new IGTV platform in an attempt to boost user experience. It can be leveraged by brands in marketing their product due to its ease of use and accessibility. Just like your conventional television, it automatically plays videos when the feature is opened. It allows the online streaming of vertical videos rather than the common resolution of 16:9 to encourage users to create more mobile video content.

Channels can be created for free by users. This allows them to engage and entertain their audience that follows them through this medium. It also allows sending 4k videos in mp4 format to other users via direct message. It also incorporates liking, sharing and commenting on posts. Users can swipe up on the app to easily gain access to more videos.

Although IGTV can be connected through the main Instagram app, it has its own standalone mobile app which allows a verified user post videos that are up to 60 minutes long. Smaller accounts can post videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes which is beneficial to digital marketers. Authentic top-quality content is key to making your customers happy and improve loyalty.

Business Potentials of IGTV

For an enchanting mobile experience, IGTV allows video streaming in portrait orientation. So, you can record videos easily on your smartphone without rotating it. Brands can make authentic, unedited videos that can entertain and engage their target audience.

IGTV allows you to optimize click-through rates by featuring your important links in the video description. Additionally, you are able to communicate with your clients and give insights or answer questions that they might have regarding your product. This enables your marketing team to create individual connections with your followers for participatory consumer experience.

Being able to publish longer videos creates an avenue for natural and more intense storytelling which enables you to connect with your target audience. This is appealing to the Millennials and the Gen Z population as consumer behaviour is constantly changing. The introduction of IGTV gives you the opportunity to get an edge over the competition because the platform is not yet flooded with content.

Using IGTV

IGTV was designed to enable people to create or view videos on the go by using their smartphones. Favouring videos with vertical orientation ensures that consumers are likely to stream more videos due to their ability to view it vertically with ease.

Have your Calgary digital marketing team set up a plan that includes generating a consistent content schedule for posting brand-driving content. This enables you to engage customers effectively while you educate them on your brand. Customers are able to follow brands with a regular publication timetable as it enables them to keep track of new content when they are available.

Instagram is an image-focused platform with features that are engaging for users with behavioural and demographic differences. As influencer marketing continues to grow, consumers buying behaviour will continue to be influenced by trusted third parties. IGTV will ensure that both macro and micro influencers are able to collaborate with brands and give recommendations based on products they use themselves.

Ways Businesses Promote Their Brand Using IGTV

Tutorial Style Video

Engage your audience by creating videos that offer value! Focus on teaching them something new and providing them with little-known information. There is an increasing demand for DIY content, grow your brand by leveraging this trend.


Behind The Scenes Footage

Publish a behind the scenes footage of a new product or service that your followers are itching to see. For instance, show behind the scenes footage of developing a new product, it is a great way to give your fans a participatory experience.


Recurring Content

Similar to a TV show with episodes, keep your audience coming back with recurring segments. Scheduling consistent content on your IGTV channel will keep your audience coming back for more!


Live Q & A

Conduct interviews with brand influencers to help answer questions that consumers may have regarding your product.


Cross Promotion

Promote your video across multiple social media platforms to get a high number of views within a short time.



An effective Calgary digital marketing strategy should make use of available social media platforms and their features. Companies must stay on top of the latest developments that are driving the traffic they need to grow their business. Create a well-rounded plan by developing engaging content and connecting with brand ambassadors.


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