18th Apr 2019

Calgary Digital Marketing: How to Market to Gen Z

Generation Z consists of members of the population born after 1995. This new generation is tech-savvy and will always challenge the conventional methods of doing things. Gen Z is viewed as open-minded with diverse views on sustainability and social responsibility. These characteristics have led Calgary digital marketing companies to adjust their advertising strategies in ways that would resonate with the inclinations of this consumer group. Calgary digital marketing is essential when trying to reach Gen Z.

8 of Ways to Market to Gen Z

The Gen Z is shaping its future with the way they use the internet which is effective in terms of its diverse technological potentials. By 2020, they will account for 40 percent of all consumers. The buying behaviour of this consumer group is greatly influenced by a couple of factors which is the trick to effective Calgary advertising.

Social Media and Mobile

Due to the fact that Gen Z is digitally inclined, they practically live on the internet, spending much of their time on social media. A good digital marketing strategy should involve the use of multiple advertising techniques with personalized messaging and no oversight through social media and mobile. Messages that contain relevant information in various formats like videos and pictures are more effective compared to traditional ways of advertising.

The mobile-first strategy which encourages the use of apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have helped many companies keep up with Calgary digital marketing trends.

Leverage User Generated Content

User-generated content has become an important driving factor that influences the purchasing behaviour of Gen Z. User reviews and other interactive media content compel these consumers to buy items they see on e-commerce platforms.

Gen Z is research inclined and insist on accessing information quickly. Calgary digital marketing companies should be clear and concise when dealing with this consumer group to avoid losing their audience. They just want to know the value that you provide and how they can benefit from it.

Influencer Marketing

Gen Z’s preferences of their favourite celebrities affect their purchasing choices. This affects the way that Gen Z consume and relate to brands. They prefer having their own personal experience due to their quest for authenticity. This is apparent in “stan culture”, the act of going above and beyond the average loyalty of a fan. When Gen Z stans an influencer, there is a good chance they will purchase a product their favourite influencer recommends.

With the right information, companies can leverage on the Gen Z open-mindedness and freedom of expression to streamline their experiences for the best results.

Fast Web Pages, Email Displays, Working URLs

Gen Z is a group of self-teaching consumers. Self-service and automation are vital technological trends that help companies stay relevant in their respective industries.

Consumers want working website links, fast web pages and prompt response to emails, hence companies must ensure that their technical designs meet customer expectations.

Focus On Marketing Values

Gen Z consumers crave transparency and would love to know the core values of your business. They research any product or service before making a purchase. Your business objectives should be clear and precise with online content that is accessible via a mobile device.

Since they are engrossed on the internet, use social media to deliver a powerful message that highlights the social importance of your goods or service to captivate your audience.


This group of consumers crave originality and want to enjoy a compelling product experience that meets their expectation. Digital marketers should develop entertaining and thought-provoking strategies to connect and conquer the Gen Z population.

Leverage Video Communication

Gen Z prefers dissemination of information through visual storytelling rather than emails. They would rather consume a video than read a news release. To lure more consumers, Calgary advertising agencies should consider adding video marketing to their toolkit.

The use of video should be considered an important Calgary digital marketing tool when selling to Gen Z. The consumer group is hooked onto YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and other video-based mediums.

Focus On Customer Experience

As a very powerful consumer group, adequate care should be taken when selling a product to the Gen Z population. They prefer doing things differently without being stereotyped. Referral programs geared towards rewarding existing consumers and giving incentives to new ones go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction. Spotify, for instance, offers a personalized way to discover music and improve your playlist.