27th May 2019

Calgary Advertising: 6 Ways To Personalize The Customer Experience

Without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business. Customers are the reason why your business exists and will continue to do so. For this reason, they deserve the best experience when they interact with your brand. This is where personalization of the customer experience comes in. Personalizing the customer experience involves mapping out strategies to serve your customers better and improve your relationship with them. But not everyone knows how to go about this. Calgary advertising brings you the best ways to personalize your customer experience and increase sales. Consider the following:

1. Ask your customers to create profiles:

The easiest way to know and monitor the behaviour of your customers is through the information they provide. Ask them to create a profile on your platform that will allow you to track their activities. Bear in mind that many consumers expect the brands they buy from to give relevant offers, make shopping easier on their platform, and provide a more personalized experience among other things. So your customers will have no problem creating a profile account if they know that it will improve their experience. You should, however, make the process of setting up the account quick and simple.

2. Store information for faster checkouts:

This is another reason why you need to encourage your customers to set up a
profile account. With it, your customers will only need to provide the details required to complete a purchase once. You can afterward, store this information to make future purchases faster and easier. When customers are required to enter their address, name and credit card information each time they want to make a purchase, they will see the process as tiring and frustrating. But when this information is stored, customers will be able to complete transactions with a few clicks and this may improve your conversion rates.

3. Custom offers:

Custom offers save customers from
having to use multiple extras to arrive at a particular price. They set the price of products. Customers who are in a hurry will especially appreciate custom offers as they will not need to work out how many orders they will place to get to a specific price. Sellers are also spared the stress of explaining how to get to the correct amount.

4. Create birthday gifts/ offers:

Acknowledging special days in the life of your customers is one of the most effective ways of personalizing the customer experience. Birthdays are the most common example of special occasions. Remembering your customers on their birthdays will make them feel valued. You can send an email that includes a special offer, discount or gift. Offering them a discount in the month of their birth will especially encourage them to buy from you. You can send the birthday emails as a series leading up to the event or on the day itself. Your goal here is to show your customers that you appreciate them and want to share in their joy. This is a simple and practical Calgary advertising strategy.

5. Adopt a segmented/personalized email marketing approach:

You should make it a priority to collect the email addresses of your customers and send relevant content to their inboxes. But you must also understand that those who sign up to receive emails from your company have different needs and wants. Sending the same marketing emails to all your subscribers increases your chances of being marked as spam. So the best thing to do is to segment your email subscribers.
Grouping subscribers into separate lists based on the information they provide on their profile will ensure that they get emails that are relevant to them. This will result in higher opens and clicks.

6. Come up with a customer loyalty program:

A one-time purchase by customers
will do your brand no good. You need to ensure that customers keep coming back to buy your products. When implementing customer personalization tactics, your goal should be to attract and retain customers. An effective customer loyalty program can you accomplish this. Consumers according to a recent study, are more likely to buy from brands that offer loyalty programs.
These programs are designed by brands to reward customers for buying their products or services over a while. You can choose to reward your customers after a predetermined number of purchases or set a reward based on how much they spend. A loyalty program encourages consumers to spend even more money. You can improve your customer’s personalized shopping experience by allowing them to monitor their progress on their profiles.

Personalizing the Customer Experience with Calgary Advertising:

Your customers deserve to get special treatment from your brand. They are spending money to buy your products and services and their efforts should be appreciated.  Note that happy customers are always loyal customers. So you will benefit if you work hand to improve their experience on your platform. Calgary advertising can help your brand position properly in the marketplace, prompting consumers to build a relationship with you.