9th Jun 2018

How to Develop Blog Concepts That Will Boost Your Calgary SEO

We’ve heard it time and time again, content is king and when it comes to SEO the saying is true. Your website and blog play a massive role in your Calgary SEO ranking. Blog posts are an excellent tool for boosting your Calgary SEO ranking because it allows you to write about topics that are relevant to your business. Zero in on the keywords that will be the most beneficial to your business and your Calgary SEO ranking.

Social watching.

Your business probably has a demographic that constitutes the core of your customers. You need to watch what these people are doing. What are they searching for online? What words are they using? What problems do they need to be solved? What questions are they asking? These should form the core of your blog posts. It is not enough to use keywords, your blog posts still won’t do well if they don’t offer valuable, in-depth advice.

People in different demographics may have different challenges and questions they need to be answered. You have to put this in mind as you create your content.

Monitoring Competitors.

Uniqueness and individuality are great for business but there are still people who do the same business as you and you need to pay attention to them. You need a unique selling proposition, something that is unique to you but your competitor probably has one too. What are they doing with their blog posts that is working for them? How are they reaching their customers? What methods are they successfully applying that you can adapt and get the same results? While it is important that you stand apart from your competition, you can also learn a few things from them.

Look at your metrics.

Take a look at your metrics, they are the measurement by which you know if you are doing something right with your blog. There are some metrics you need to keep an eye on.

Traffic: this is the most obvious of the metrics you need to watch. Traffic is what enables engagement and conversion. It is however not enough to watch traffic alone, you have to watch the change in traffic in relation to time. There is no certain amount of traffic that is right, you just need to see a rise in traffic over time. You should keep a record of individual visitors to your website and sessions; which is the number of times a person visits your website.

Search Engine Research Page Ranking: your ranking is where you show up when someone searches for something relevant to you or your website. You may not be able to calculate this but it is a good indicator of how you are doing. If you rank high, you are doing well. Try different combinations to see how you rank for each search. Since you cannot be so sure which way users will type in their search, try as many combinations as possible. As you test and optimize your content for these keywords, your ranking will improve.

Pages per visit: you want a user to read one of the articles on your page and then link to another one. Internal linking is very important for successful content. You should make it easy for people to click through and read other articles on your website. The more people click from one page to another, the longer they’ll stay on your page.

Returning visitors: how many of the people who read your page come back for more? The best honour anyone can bestow on your website is to come back for more. The ratio of returning visitors to total visitors will tell you if your content is good enough for people to come back to it. You want newcomers, that is the only way to grow your website but no good website wants people to come once and leave forever.

Social sharing: you should also check how many people are sharing your content on their social media pages. When you give someone something of value they are likely to want to share it. By clicking the share button, they are saying ‘this is valuable, other people should see this’. The number of people sharing your content is a metric you should watch.

Create long-tail titles.

Knowing the right keywords is very important for search engine optimization but most website owners miss out on better ranking on a search engine because they don’t use long tail search terms. It is true that more people may search for “car insurance” but if you optimize for “best car insurance company” you may not have as many people searching for that but you have a better chance at a good ranking for this search term when it comes to Calgary SEO.

You need to understand your audience. When you understand how the mind of your target customer works you can have a better idea of the kind of words they will search for.

You need to also research what long-tail keywords are working. You can find these out with Google Adwords Keywords Planner. If you don’t feel like making an account, try trying in your keyword and seeing what auto-fills.

After you have found the right long-tail keywords for you, write your content based on these keywords.

The great thing about long-tail keywords is that searchers who find you by these words will not just be visitors, they will come already interested in what you are talking about. This makes sense because they specifically searched for what you are showing them. They are users ready to be engaged.

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