20th Nov 2015

Benefits of Hiring an Online Marketing Company

Have you ever engaged with or even thought of outsourcing part of your online marketing needs to a marketing company? If yes, then there are chances that you’ve had to struggle making decisions given the several available options that all look viable. Also, there is a possibility that you’ve had to spend time weighting between hiring a marketing company and keeping things in-house.  Here is what you need to know—a straight-bias on why it’s crucial to hire a marketing company (and not just any marketing company!). Sit back and be ready to grasp thought-through benefits of finding and hiring a marketing company for your online marketing needs.

It’s cost effective to use online marketing agency

Really? Yes and seriously even though the marketing company says it could cost you about $3000-$5000 each month (excluding ad spend charges) or more to have everything working perfectly well.  Consider getting a full team at a marketing company handling your project, or precisely your account—may be 5-10 staff members handling your project directly. Do you see any possibility of hiring as many people full time to handle the same project in-house?

Expert and Exceptionally Smart People

This is another benefit you would wish to consider when hiring a marketing company. There are chances you’re thinking that all the good online marketers are out there doing the thing all on their own or working in-house for their respective companies. Well, the is some reality in that there are several even fantastic minds out there who work on their own but the unfortunate reality is that these professionals are very particular in who they choose to work for and how much they charge for the services. As a matter of fact, most great marketing agencies tend to attract great minds with whom they can collaborate with other great minds.

Online Marketing Data

Most marketing agencies deal with several clients every day which means lots of data is collected. From a technical point of view, a marketing company will have several technical insights and data to work off of, marketing information and insights to share on what has long worked for other marketing clients. The collaborative nature ultimately plays a critical role in your company’s marketing success.

Effective communication between co-workers

The reality is that we don’t all handle the same account which is why it’s only possible to share important insights on our own clients first. Of course, it can be easy identifying the kind of messaging that works for a particular client, maybe there exists some sweet spot for that ad spend or you gathers lots of insights regarding seasonal campaigns that gave impressive results. Now it’s possible to use it as basis for handling other projects.

Online Marketing Companies Need To Succeed

A good marketing company is focused at exceling for their clients. Yes ad agencies should grow and do everything within their reach to drive results. Otherwise when a marketing company hits a bend and word gets out too soon about how awful the company might be, you know really well, that things won’t proceed well.

Third Party Tools

Several marketing companies utilize third party tools that allow them to be more effective at their marketing projects. Most of these tools cost a significant amount of money. Some of these tools include Eloqua, BrightLocal, Majestic, Hubspot etc. It’s no secret here, and most clients reap the reward of low spending instead of having to pay too much money to use some of these tools in-house.

Top digital leadership

A great online marketing company also has really great leaders. These people are on the frontline and though they may not directly handle your marketing account, they are well established thought leaders in the marketing industry.  Working with any of these people enables you to learn so much and apply the same knowledge on other marketing issues for which you may want to find experts to handle

It’s difficult to find, let alone hire, a one all-star

To be honest, it’s very difficult to find the right marketing company. Take a look at the various factors in action such as your office location, your pay, your industry and so much more. It’s tough getting exactly what you need with such factors that you don’t have control over. Marketing companies are a different and unique breed altogether. Most people enjoy working with a variety of companies which is also a good idea. This offers you the opportunity to test our capability and gather success for business from across several industries. And does it hurt that you might end up working with a marketing company full of all stars?

Marketing May Not Be 24/7 Work

This is true. There is a possibility that you are not after a marketing company that’s focused on your marketing needs every single day, every single hour. However, if you’ve opted to hire in-house then you’re paying that individual to work full time when in fact all you need is just a few hours of work in any given day. Therefore your full timer may most likely be after other things just to fill up their day.

A Team of Expert Online Marketers

This is one of the most important pieces of information you probably need. A great marketing company comprises of actual specialists who understand their job. While some people are a jack of all trades, these are hard to come by. A good marketing company has a team of experts with a focus on solving old, existing and new issues alike. They possess intimate knowledge and experience and therefore know they can produce the best results for you.

At the end of the day, you need the services of a good marketing company and it’s up to you to do your homework in selecting that company with which you’ll work as a team to drive results. Never leave the company to handle your account on their own. Be there to guide and track the results of each and every marketing step they take.