22nd Apr 2019

Digital Marketing: Amazon SEO Is on the Rise

Search engine optimization and digital marketing are ever-evolving. Keeping track of its constant changes can be a daunting task. Google, renowned as one of the top search engines has been a key player in the development of SEO. But, as the digital world evolves, Google’s supremacy is being threatened by a new online superpower, Amazon. Today we are going to look at everything you need to know about Amazon SEO and how it is affecting the digital marketing scope.

What Is Amazon SEO?

One of the most widely known product search engines is Amazon. Many users make Amazon their go-to place to purchase products. A remarkable 90% of shoppers still check Amazon even after buying their products at other retailers. Although an e-commerce site, it has many of the same features as a search engine. If you are a retailer selling products on Amazon you will want to achieve a high ranking in order to sell more of your products.

Amazon’s ranking process is largely based on conversions and reviews. This is because reviews often sell a product and make a conversion possible. Having a high conversion rate and reviews affects the listing and rank of a product above other similar products. Amazon uses product performance as a key aspect of ranking products.

Statistics on Its Growing Influence:

According to Kenshoo, 72 % of shoppers across the US, UK, Germany and France use Amazon to find products.

56 % of consumers make searches on Amazon before visiting other search engines. Amazon provides them with key information about the product and a way to purchase it all on one platform. This may include product descriptions, reviews, similar products, and other products that interest them.

Still surprised? You do not need to be. One thing that these stats prove is that Amazon SEO is proving to be a big threat to Google. If the users of Google keep reducing as a result of the emergence of Amazon, it will have a profound digital marketing effect on revenue.

How Google SEO Differs From Amazon SEO:

With over 3.5 billion searches conducted daily, it is very clear to see why Google comes to mind whenever SEO is mentioned. Google is often the first choice when users need to locate a business or gain information on an event.

Similar to Amazon SEO, Google uses keywords in ranking their search results and the use of the right keywords drive the valuable leads to a business. Backlinks are also used in boosting the rankings of websites on Google’s search engine. These backlinks are links from authority or credible sites to your website. The performance of your website greatly affects your Google rank.

Rather than placing much attention to conversions like Amazon, Google SEO focuses on clicks. It aims at providing its audience with results that are valuable by looking at the interactions between users and your website.

Another factor that affects your ranking is page speed. The number of people clicking on your site and the time they spend on it influences Google’s assessment in ranking the site. When a site doesn’t load quickly, users tend to leave easily and go for a similar site. This affects your SEO immensely on Google, as the bounce rate of your site greatly increases. Google also focuses on your website’s mobile capability and content.

Amazon VS. Google: 

Amazon Pros:

People favour Amazon’s convenience, ease of shipping and prices.

Amazon SEO is designed for selling products while Google SEO is designed for selling ads.

You may be asking yourself “Which search engine best suits my business?”. Firstly, you should note that both sites have different capabilities and benefits. Therefore, your audience and marketing goals have a key role in determining which platform is best for your brand.

Firstly, Ask yourself  “What is the position of my audience in the purchasing cycle?”. This cycle visually represents the stages your customers must proceed through when purchasing a product. The stages begin with the awareness stage where they realize they need a product to meet a need. This goes on to the Consideration stage where they embark on a search for information on that product. Next is the evaluation stage which involves comparing the product with other brands and finally, the purchase stage. Determining where your audience stands will help your decision-making process. Your customers will most likely go to Google when they are still in the first two stages, while Amazon will be favoured more on the final two stages.

This is not to say that you must pick one or the other, Google SEO and Amazon SEO are both major players in your brand’s success. Look at these two platforms as complementary rather than opposing! You must focus on both mediums to create a well rounded digital marketing strategy.

How Amazon Is Affecting Digital Marketing:

Most brands are seen to have a content and branding strategy on Amazon since most consumers begin their search there. This is to ensure they have full control of their branding instead of letting random sellers determine what the brand stands for.


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