28th Apr 2015

8 Ways to Reach Your Audience – Without Writing a Word

Sometimes you sit down to write what you hope will be the next marketing Pulitzer prize winner only to decide that the blank page in front looks better plain white – rather than the sub-par content spilling out of your brain at that particular moment, then that hour, then that day. The pressure to perform as a blogger happens every time you log on to your computer, but it’s OK! Writers block happens to use all, and you need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with recycling material when it happens. Who knows – it may even clear your block and get your creative juices flowing again.

Why re-purposing and re-mixing?


Well, repurposing existing content is just smart for business:

  • It’s efficient. Pre-plan to reuse your content as part of a hub and spoke business model “to repurpose content in different formats for different channels.”
  • It fills the gap of the short attention span. Online readers have well-worn habits of scanning and being easily distracted. Chances are, only a small percentage of your audience actually read through, or absorbed the information in your original post. Re-posting makes it easy for them to pick up the thread again.
  • It builds SEO relevancy. When your SEO and content marketing tactics work in tandem, repurposing content means more SEO opportunities to attract traffic. By building SEO value this way, you expand your “content footprint” with a variety of keywords built on a theme.


Here are a few ways to recycle your content and make engaging posts that your target audience can’t ignore.



Why boil your brain thinking up new and exciting things to say when you can use an infographic to say it all for you? Take a few moments to find the right one that compliments your style and reaches out to your audience and publish it! Voila! Instant, attention grabbing content.



Why not inject a little humor into your post? Does every post have to be stuffed with keywords and brain boggling knowledge? No, it really doesn’t. You could ask everyone in the office for their favorite meme on a related topic and post them up for others to enjoy – think of it as a bit of a virtual water cooler moment that increases your street cred.

Round Up!


Why not make up a post that consists of a round-up of some of the great blogs you have read around a dedicated subject? You can do a summary of the content and display a link for readers to follow. Not only does it show you keep at the forefront of your industry and you know what you’re talking about, it also creates backlinks for the blogs mentioned and provides you with some serious kudos!

Mix Up the Media


Another idea to recycle your content and make sure no one recognizes it is to present the same ideas but in a different media. Podcasts, how to videos, slide shows – anything that you have to hand or can create easily are all well received and fun to post.



Use the power of images to make up something visual. Sometimes it’s great to kick back and let the pictures tell the story. You can even branch out into something personal – like meeting the team or causes your company supports. They are all interesting and give you audience a more rounded view of you as a company.

Re-write and Edits


Taking a longer post you have written previously and editing it into a blog post or mini article is a great way to create new work from old. If you have white papers or research that has been previously published write about it from a new angle or edit the bare bones of the article into a condensed version.

You could also take a popular post and rewrite it from an ‘update’ point of view. Freshen it up with update information or a ‘what has happened since…’ and you’ll be surprised how many people have been wondering exactly that.

Create an Event


As a writer you have plenty of material – maybe it’s time to reorganize it into a different media. By creating an online event you can make old posts, images and video into a slideshow, mini-series or webinar. Same material – new audience.



For some reason, and no one knows why, we all like lists! Posts that start with a number are always much more popular than posts without so making a ‘list’ post from old material is a great idea.

 Think about a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ for your industry or compile list of movers and shakers and highlight their work. Lists of just about anything work well so fill ’yer boots!

A great way to always have ideas on hand is to make up a list of resources if ideas – like bookmark this fabulous article! When you come across something that has ideas of new material, book mark it or keep it in a folder for later inspiration. You may never need it but it’s there just in case.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you so something – in the fickle world of blogging people have short memories. As long as you are there regularly begging for attention with great quality content then you can’t be ignored. So carry on, that Pulitzer Prize is just around the corner…