29th Nov 2018

8 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Social media shapes the way we interact and conduct business. forgoing social media can be a huge loss for your business. Meanwhile, fully embracing social media can result in huge benefits. It is one thing to lazily adopt social media. It’s another thing to implement it correctly! Employing the services of a social media manager will make you achieve the later. Below are eight ways in which your social media efforts can benefit from the services of a social media manager.

8 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Manager:

Represent Your Business Online

A social media manager will work to create an online profile that accurately represents your brand and its message. They will ensure that your profiles are active in spaces that are occupied by your demographic. These actions will inevitably increase your conversion rate by making you stand out in the social media sphere.

Being active on social media will make your brand more visible online and increase the chances of potential customers finding you. Creating online relationships with your customers will boost your brand’s reputation. Creating a Facebook page establishes your presence. However, this alone is not a social media strategy. An organization can work with a social media manager who will assist in creating a communication strategy. Your social media manager should be able to integrate your media plan that will help you achieve your business goals.

Consistent Message

Social media marketing requires a consistent schedule to be successful. Not only that but your message also needs to be consistent. This isn’t a one and done deal. You need continually post a consistent message to reap rewards. Working with a social media manager will help you develop a consistent content plan as well as a content calendar that will help keep you on track. They will work with you to post your content at the most relevant time of the day to make sure they reach your audience during their peak viewing time.

Cohesive Strategy

When managing multiple social profiles, it is essential to present a cohesive message. If not, you will be at risk of disseminating mixed messages to your audience and creating brand confusion. Your brand defines who you are and communicates your brand’s ideology. Your tone online will shape the way you build your relationship with your customers. What you communicate to your prospects about how you can tackle their needs and solve their problems is essential. If these elements aren’t cohesive on your social media channels, it may erode your brand loyalty.


Managing your social media accounts can be overwhelming. Social media management requires ongoing maintenance. It is essential that you consistently monitor other brands and keep conversations around your marketing campaigns as well as brand touch points. Delegating some of the work to a social media manager will lessen your workload.

Staying On Top of  Updates

Social media platforms are constantly updating their service. They can change the algorithm, features and layout. Staying on top of updates can be somewhat a full-time job. But having a social media manager is going to lessen the workload. They will know when to implement changes to your strategy when updates arise.

Increase Engagement

Twitter and Facebook are now the first places that people go when they want customer support, appreciate a business or make product enquiries. As of 2013, it was reported that 67% of consumers utilize Facebook and Twitter for customer support. With the rise of the use of Facebook Messenger over the last five years, that number has shifted upwards as because nearly 8 billion messages are typically exchanged between businesses and people on Messenger alone monthly! This report suggests that social media is the top choice for prospects seeking customer service. Hence, doing it well will increase your customer engagement.

Track Campaigns

A social media specialist will be 100% dedicated to implementing social media ideas correctly. Because they know the system like the back of their hand, they will be able to track your progress or campaigns all to the benefit of your business. Being experts on social media and your brand’s ideology and goals is a recipe for success. All the responsibility and control of social media to fall on their shoulders and everyone will benefit.

Attract New Customers

A social media manager will best know how to promote your businesses interest on social media, via paid and organic efforts. Using social media, they will be able to attract new customers and drum up interest. Social media is a great way to master branding and customer service. But ultimately, do not forget to always look to obtain new clients through your marketing efforts. The way this is done by your social media manager will depend on your type of business. As it is the case with any marketing initiative, your social media manager has to try different tactics to see what works best. Appropriate analytics tools will allow them to measure success and pinpoint your brand’s ideal strategy.

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