18th Oct 2018

7 Reasons You Should Consider Using Chatbots for Calgary Marketing

Chatbots have gained more popularity in recent years following wide adoption in the marketing landscape. They are a new way for enterprises to communicate with consumers by using messaging apps and AI (Artificial Intelligence). For businesses, it is essential to solving queries and customer issues to ensure consumer loyalty and brand establishment. We have always looked to machines to remove human limitations when it comes to completing repetitive tasks. This time around, chatbots have revolutionized the customer service industry and they are considered the future of management. Here we have highlighted 7 ways that chatbots can enhance your Calgary marketing plan.

Fast Response Times

With chatbots, you don’t have to worry about the limitations of human agents. While live agents can handle a couple of conversations at once, chatbots can function without an upper limit. Adopting chatbots will allow you to maintain fast response rates and without bogging down your customer support staff. Chatbots can act as the first point of contact by screening calls/chats from consumers and redirecting them to human agents when necessary.

A chatbot is a digital equivalent to a sales associate. They are able to help you with product questions, sale information and can guide you through checkout just as an in-store associate would. They can provide interactive communication where they ask shoppers questions to understand the problem.

Customer Engagement

Needless to say, it is important to keep your clients engaged with your brand at every opportunity. According to one study, companies that engage with their audiences on social media managed to increase their customer spend by 20 to 40%. While your social networks are doing their job, chatbots can provide support by making the customer engagement more interactive. A conventional consumer service interface usually offers more information than it gets from its users. Chatbots, in contrast, give just a slice of information at once and can lead the interaction according to the input the user gives at each specific time. Hence it is safe to say chatbots don’t bore consumers with irrelevant and unnecessary data. They offer relevant and useful information that will help you land more sales.

Personalized Experience

Making your clients feel special should be a goal in any successful Calgary marketing plan. Chatbots can provide a personalized experience to your customers with its personalized greetings and offers. When a consumer reaches out to your bot regarding a customer service inquiry, the bot will greet the client, gather some preliminary information, and ask the customer to hold for a moment until a human agent can handle the task. During that interval, the client’s name and other data can be used to create personalized offers based on prior activity. Personalized adverts are often important in sales conversion. One important point here is the fact that while chatbots can function as a great backup for human agents, they have to appear as a better alternative to call waiting.

Available 24/7

Chatbots can provide assistance real-time and at any hour of the day or night. Because customer service is the most essential factor to success the growth of businesses, having good 24/7 customer service whether your enterprise is international or local will positively impact your customer satisfaction. The customer support process is typically improved when chatbots come into the picture.

Chatbots can be programmed to provide automated answers quickly to repetitive questions and forward the request to a human agent when more action is required. This helps human customer service reps to save time and provide more assistance for important cases. With the help of bots, businesses can handle more queries at once. This allows enterprises to scale up their operations to global new markets without the issue of unanswered requests.

More Revenue Opportunities

Chatbots can offer your business more revenue opportunities. How? Chatbots can send out personalized messaging to assist your consumers along the “buyer’s journey” from the consumer information the chatbots receive. A chatbot can ask the necessary questions related to the particular client and generate a lead for your business. In addition to connecting with potential customers, chatbots are able to promote sales and or offers to clients in a natural and sensical way.

Low Cost

Calgary marketing can be expensive. If you are consuming too many resources on backend support, chatbots will help you eliminate this problem. Instead of employing more personnel for mundane or repetitive tasks, a chatbot can automate everything thus saving you money. Since chatbots offer automated solutions, they give organizations the opportunity to handle many clients simultaneously. Employing chatbots in place of human agents, will save you money on employee costs and eliminate the problem of human error. Because consumers can access chatbots easily and within seconds to start the interaction, user acquisition is associated with lower cost as well.


Chatbots save your customer service department an immense amount of time! Your employees can handle important tasks rather than repetitively answering questions like “What time is your store open until?”. Once your team sets a stream of dialogue you are able to collect information and make your customers feel heard without the intensive time commitment from your team.


Customer Feedback

Gathering customer feedback is essential for optimizing any Calgary marketing strategy. Good news, Chatbots are great at it. They can ask users to rate their experience, ask them if they’d be interested in using your service again and can collect constructive criticism. This valuable data is essential when it comes to creating a trustworthy brand. Use chatbots to your advantage and save your team time while still reaping the benefits of consumer data.


Need help incorporating chatbots into your Calgary marketing strategy? We’ve got you covered.