3rd Dec 2018

7 Calgary Social Media Management Tips That Save You Time

Social media never sleeps. It doesn’t fit neatly into your 9-5 work schedule. This presents a unique challenge when it comes to social media management. Keeping up with the regular activity on your social media pages can be painstakingly time-consuming. It can become difficult to save time for other endeavours. If managing your brand’s social media presence isn’t your only responsibility, you may be hard-pressed for time. This article highlights 7 Calgary social media management tips that will save you time!

Calgary Social Media Management: Create an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar will help you keep track of important dates and how to handle your audiences during these periods. This will save you time for other essential endeavours. With an editorial calendar, you can keep track of holidays, sales and other important events that are upcoming. Staying on top of your editorial calendar will help you plan ahead. You won’t find yourself scrambling to organize content at the last minute!

Editorial calendars will help you easily decide what content you need to put out on your social media pages at any given time. It will give you a comprehensive list of what is needed to maintain customer engagement as well as helping to keep your entire team social media management team on track.

Calgary Social Media Management: Plan Ahead

It is important to plan ahead of time when it comes to social media management. Don’t allow events to sneak up on you. This will give you enough time to share real-time updates with your audience. It will allow you to be flexible to your social organization’s schedule. Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to have real, meaningful engagement with your audience.

Additionally, it helps you maintain consistency when it comes to publishing. In turn, it will help your audience know when know when expect new content. A consistent schedule ensures that you maximize your consumer engagement without having long, inactive periods. Time-sensitive material like holidays and events, or making announcements ahead of time using a calendar, will allow other members of your team to become involved in the planning process.

Calgary Social Media Management: Stockpile Content

An essential part of social media management is setting up a time in the week or month for brainstorming ideas. These can range from ideas for blog posts, social media campaigns and overall social media strategies. This will inevitably remove the stress of having to create ideas or develop something on the spot from one week to the next.

When it’s time to update your social media platforms, you can just pick something from what you have stockpiled and post. that might mean stockpiling photos, quotes or blog posts. Social media management or marketing can feel very slow if everything is done day by day. Which is why it’s best to streamline your management efforts on social media. Focus on developing systems that allow you to create, schedule and stockpile posts or content.

Calgary Social Media Management: Use a Scheduler

A scheduling tool is essential when it comes to social media management. Scheduling your social media pages in batches will save you huge amounts of time. A scheduler allows you to simply set a post and forget it. Instead of getting disturbed throughout with that nagging feeling of knowing that you have to put out a particular post up. A scheduling tool will transform your day. All you need to do is simply schedule your content into batches either weekly or biweekly. Once they are scheduled you can focus on interacting with your followers!

Calgary Social Media Management: Refresh Older Content

It is no surprise that putting out fresh content on your social media pages is essential to the benefit of your business. But constantly creating content can be expensive and time-consuming. However, there’s a way out. You can save some time for yourself on social media by simply refreshing the older content. Give older blog posts a refresh by updating statistics, re-editing information and updating photos. Reshare the fresh content on appropriate platforms and delight your followers with new-to-them content.

Calgary Social Media Management: Don’t Be Afraid of Shorter Posts

The shorter your posts on social media pages the more time you’ll save and have for other important engagement that will benefit your business. You may have reservations about the number of words a content should have and believe that the content or posts should be long. However, this idea is wrong. Shorter posts also matter. The important factor here is that you are engaging with your followers. In the end, you can save time you would have spent preparing longer social media posts and be able to commit to other engagements.

Calgary Social Media Management: Utilize Quotes

Using quotes in your social media efforts can go along the way when it comes to saving time. When it comes to social media management, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. there are millions of fabulous, interesting, relevant quotes out there. Use them!

Consider having your graphic designer create quote images, they are ideal for image-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.


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