15th Apr 2014

5 Video Marketing Ideas That You Need to Understand

Why Use Video Marketing?

You really should ask yourself the question – why aren’t I using video marketing? The use of video as a serious marketing tool and in brand development has been slow to catch on but it’s hard to see why. Just read the facts:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

Some of reasons companies chose not to use marketing videos is the notion that it’s too expensive or too complicated for a small company. This really is simply over thinking the situation. Your company video can be as expensive and as complicated as YOU want it to be. You are in control. You are not producing a 30 second super bowl advert – it’s a video to promote your company. With the advent of cameras on every mobile device, video making has become more mainstream and the whole arena of video marketing has changed. It’s time to make use of the changes.

The real question you need to ask yourself is ‘What types of video should I be making?’ Let’s look at the ones that you really need to add to your marketing portfolio.



Video testimonials are the best way to build rapport with your target audience. Written testimonials can be manipulated or edited to change the meaning so are not always trusted as a reliable source of information. Video testimonials are more credible as people can read the body language and bond with the person speaking. The effect goes even further by introducing someone unrelated to the company you create an objective view of the services you offer which makes you more trustworthy. Make the right video and all aspects of your video marketing are a win/win.

Where video is concerned, there is truth in the old adage people sell to people, so let your satisfied customers sell to your chosen demographic for you.


 Video Sales Letter

Video sales letters have been around for some time but are still extremely effective. Their strength is in establishing a company image and helping in brand development, the key is to put a fresh face on your video sales letter that cannot be ignored. If you don’t have the artistic or marketing talents to make one that stands out from the rest – employ them. Something as inexpensive as animation in a power point can stand out with the right words, graphics and colors.


Product Demonstration

If you need to use the perfect vehicle for product demonstrations, then video is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple product or a complicated service, a product demonstration shows your target audience what you have to offer quickly, effectively and comprehensively. As we mentioned in a previous post, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words so make them count! If there is something that sets you apart from all the rest then make the most of it with a video and be remembered.


Instructional Videos

Nothing is easier to follow than seeing someone model what you need to do. Once your customers and potential customers see your product or service in action they can see what it can do for them. Instructional videos can then easily train them to use your product effectively and efficiently, locking them into your brand and keep them loyal. The information is more palatable by video and if it is done well it sell as well as inform. Potential customers will search out what they need before they buy, so if you have a convincing, well written, shot and edited video you will convince them they need your product then go out and find it.


‘A Day in Life Of…’

Behind the scenes videos are basically testimonials voiced by the company, rather than their clients. By putting a human face on your company you create a bond between you and your audience. Remember who people buy from? People buy from People – especially from people they know and trust. You may not chose a ‘day in the life of…’ but behind the scenes video shows what they are buying, who makes it, where it is made and it is a chance to impress and raise you company image. It gives the consumer a sense of a privileged insight into your company that makes them feel included. Video marketing is massive brand development when it’s done well. Don’t skimp on the production or it may work against you.


You need to start a video marketing campaign NOW to be ahead of the curve. By having a slick, convincing video on your site, mailed out to your customers and potential customers, your audience will come to you. Still not sure you need your company brand development lifted by a marketing video? Look at this… viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

That’s a powerful selling tool that no business man would want to miss out on.