11th Feb 2019

Creating a 2019 Calgary Marketing Plan

Make the decisions to start your year off on the right foot in 2019 by creating a comprehensive marketing plan. A Calgary marketing plan must include reviewing your 2018 activities and evaluating what worked and where you can improve.

This opportunity to begin a new year with new strategies must be grabbed with both hands! Each year there are trends that will turn your industry upside down. You have to be ready to capitalize and benefit from them. And, more importantly, use these trends to improve your business marketing plan!

The internet is now available to billions of people around the world and the market available online marketing is huge and ready to accommodate your business. You need to incorporate the following strategies into your Calgary marketing plan for 2019;

Building your Own 2019 Marketing Plan:

Diversified Content

The audience and prospective customers are being influenced by a variety of content from all over the internet. That means you need to work hard to stand out to your clients. You must provide diversified content that connects to your business products, services and goals for the year. Quality content drives traffic to your digital platforms whether it is your blog, social media or website. Stay attentive and offer your followers value if you want to grow your business in 2019.


Ensure that you have very informative content that educates your audience about the solutions which your brand offers. Providing quality information to your audience establishes you as a voice of authority in the industry. Good, educational content is priceless, so show your customers and potential customers how much more you have to offer them.


Incorporated storytelling into your Calgary marketing plan! It allows you to tell your business’s story to your audience. This is your opportunity to create your own narrative. Additionally, it allows you to connect to your audience in a way that they will understand. Storytelling keeps attention fixed on you, and helps you directs your audience towards where your value is built. Adopt this strategy in your plans for 2019 and enjoy the results.

Live Streaming

Video is a great strategy to add to your 2019 marketing strategy. Live streaming provides a platform for your audience to access you and your expertise. In fact, many social media platforms harness this tool, and you can get them into action for your business in 2019. Live streaming is a great way to begin experimenting with video marketing. It is low cost and accessible to a brand that has social media platforms. If you’re just starting out, try hosting a Q & A with an expert for offering up the answers to FAQs.

Loyal Customers and Remarketing

Networking with loyal customers and partners is a huge Calgary marketing strategy which you should never take for granted. This is one of the most efficient and low-cost marketing approaches that you can utilize this year. Increase your organic reach by working with customers and partners to explant your reach. Reach out to them with pleasant messages and reminders of the areas which your business has improved and the best deals which they can get from your business. They can recommend your quality to their contacts! If you want to sweeten the deal, start a referral program!


Customers like to get replies almost immediately they register a complaint or a question; you should budget to have a chatbot reply to frequently asked questions. The activities of the chatbots will create a reliable impression on first-time customers, and they can also get people referred to the appropriate personnel to resolve their requests. Chatbots are a foolproof way to improve your customer service.


The competition in virtually every business industry is steadily increasing, and it’s getting harder to reach your audience the traditional way. This marketing strategy puts your business in the face of so many people on the internet who may be interested in buying from you. The system filters and selects the audience with higher prospects for your brand, so it is definitely a resource to harness this year. You can’t afford to forego digital ads in 2019.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have become a major player in reaching your target audience! They are usually people who upload consist content and have built a following by creating an authentic relationship with their audience. You should seek out an influencer who produce content that relates to your brand! Worl with them on creating a campaign or a promotion that benefits your business, the influencer and their audience. Relevance is key when working with an influencer. If you go out of scope, the entire campaign may be useless.

Instagram Shopping

The Instagram wave is rising strong and attracting credible customers to businesses that are relevant to their needs. Shopping on Instagram gives you the ability to tag your products and services on posts to direct customers to the products and services. This strategy will bring in the big results which your business needs this year.

The year 2019 is set to be a great year for your business when you include these Calgary marketing strategies to your plan.