15 Dec 2015

Transparent Business Cards

Business cards will never die. The ability to represent yourself in a smart 2×3 inch piece of card will always be appreciated, and because good business cards will never die, you need to think long and hard about yours. Transparent business cards are the newest evolution of the traditional paper – but look at the places it will go!



Of all the transparent business cards we have seen, (other than our own) this is a favourite. OK, ok so the rising crops of twenty somethings probably have no idea what one of these is, but for a business card for an antique pop culture store they are PERFECT!

One great aspect of this particular card is they could have the name and details printed on the card, or they could have a coated strip put on them and the person could then write the details he wanted to share. Great for a small to medium business owner that needs to make the most of their cash flow.

Die Cut Plastic Business Card


You may be fooled into thinking that transparent business cards are not as versatile as their cardstock brothers – WRONG! We can do just about anything you want to in plastic! Maybe even more. This business card is printed, folded then die cut to reveal a silhouette to give the card style. It also makes the card more memorable for the recipient.

Increase Company Image


Plastic business cards are perfect for showcasing your artistic ability if you are in the design industry, that’s why we use them ourselves. We have seen such a great demand of transparent business cards because the moment they see ours, they want one just like it.

We use plastic business cards as they are versatile and will support nearly all print making functions that you can use on card, coupled with the fact they are extremely durable, we know that when a lead wants new business cards – they’ll remember us.

PVC Self Promotion Cards


These cards are super speciality cards and are not technically transparent, but they were too cool to miss out on! These cards are cast in flexible PVC rubber with grooves on the back to which the white and black PVC are slotted in to, and then the dark blue shell is stretched over. It may be time and resource hungry – but OH! So worth it!

You could pay homage to them on a transparent business card by creating one in monochromatic colours, then embossing the text to make it pop – but it won’t be as deep, or as useful. These would make GREAT coasters!

Photo Based


Great for photographers (D’oh!) a picture based transparent business card can showcase the talent of its owner. The versatility of plastic means that the image can be manipulated to accentuate the photo, and also be cleverly printed on both sides.

UBER Flexible Plastic Business Cards


If you’ve got it, you most definitely need to flaunt it! Why not play on the strength of the fact that you have an AMAZING plastic business card, and make it as plasticky as possible! You will still be able to multi-colour print on it, but as you can see in the example, it can be embossed with pretty much any texture or design you like.

When you use all of these elements in a sexy, professional produced design you’ll quickly become a business card celebrity and be handing them out wherever you go.

Dario Monetini


If you want an amazing personal business card or your business is fuelled by fun, then a plastic business card like this is the way to go. It will ensure your business card is the most used and most carried around as everyone has a bored moment travelling on the bus, sitting in the lunch room or trying to avoid Grandma at family reunions where they can whip it out and start having fun.

The only problem will be – keeping hold of it! Once they see it, everyone will want one!

Mixed Media Marketing Business Card


This card is so sophisticated you may be tempted to never give any away! It’s a black transparent plastic business card in an acrylic shell so it will last forever.

There is only thing that could possibly make this card look any better – the words printed on it saying, ‘Bond; James Bond. This card will self-destruct in twenty seconds.’

If you are looking to revitalize your business card and turn it into something completely stunning, then transparent plastic is the way to go. If you are still undecided, give us a call and we can show you our portfolio and a range of samples that will let you see what your brand would look like on the latest in business cards. Spoil yourself – your company image will thank you for it!